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Orion Project Retained Search

Outsourcing a retained search project helps alleviate internal resourcing pressures. Through incentivising an expert recruitment firm with a global reach and 35 years’ experience in your sector, you will be able to tackle peak activity and hire staff for these difficult to fill roles.

When it comes to staff recruitment, time is money and empty seats do not deliver projects. Direct recruitment is effective, but resourcing is not a linear activity with consistent volume and talent pools are dynamic and difficult to secure. When recruitment becomes a primary concern for a business, it is time to consider a supplementary approach to bolster capability.

When Orion are awarded a retained search, we allocate senior recruitment specialists to deliver candidate shortlists against committed timelines. Our team utilise an extensive range of recruitment methods that we retain to delivery suitable resources for you.

Benefits of Retained Search Project(s)

Orion are flexible regarding the scale of project that is awarded and can manage one-off or on-going programmes. There are many benefits to engaging Orion to supplement your staff recruitment including:

o         Orion are focussed on delivering resources against key performance indicators

o         We work to set timelines including providing candidate shortlists

o         Projects can be tested as a trial and may lead to more substantial arrangements

o         Performance such as time to hire is measured and reported

o         Vacancy validation, cultural and organisational fit along with resourcing expediency through consultative engagement with hiring managers

o         Extended candidate reach supporting your diversity and inclusion policy

o         Retained project recruitment benefits from technology including our Microsoft integrated intelligent recruitment and staffing software Mercury xRM

o provides exceptional results with first page Google search performance

o         Our international resource reach is substantial, and we can provide immigration support

o         We provide an exclusive and complete job fill service with no cancellation charges

o         Relocation assistance can be provided by Orion mobility or travel teams

o         Orion’s extensive social media reach makes a difference, and we can create specific role content to attract passive candidates

o         We can appoint a primary point of contact for larger campaigns with frequent performance feedback to you

o         There is the option to provide a bespoke microsite for tailored recruitment

o         We will share performance analytics including honest feedback on hiring constraints

o         Regional trend analysis and salary benchmarking exercises can be undertaken

o         Background checks and on-boarding support can be provided

o         Profiling, psychometric testing and assessment centres as required

o         Candidate Mapping and pre-qualification can be undertaken for talent pipeline continuity

o         Job description and person specification management if required

What Our Clients Say

Resources Manager

‘It has been an absolute joy in the midst of stress to work with the three of you, highly recommend.’

Human Resources Manager

‘I have spoken highly about the team at Orion to several colleagues.After placing two highly qualified sales candidates, you will continue to be my go-to recruiter from here on out!’

Chief Executive Officer

‘I have now been using Orion to fill several roles, and no matter if it’s an easy or really hard search, they actually do what they promise. I could not recommend anyone more!’