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Orion Materials Management

Orion Materials Management provides consultancy services to improve and optimise our clients’ materials operations. Utilising our proprietary systems and processes combined with proven lean six sigma methodologies, we have a track record of delivering transformational improvements.

Orion Materials Management provides consultancy services to improve and optimise our clients’ materials operations.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • Provision of turnkey fully managed materials management service

  • Auditing of materials management processes

  • Provision of industry expert materials management consultants and coaches

  • Inventory Optimisation

  • Competency assessments, training and developing sustainable working practices

  • Functional and practical warehouse design

  • Value stream mapping and end to end process mapping of your supply chain

Benefits of Orion Materials Management
  • Cost Savings - Reduce operating spend by eliminating value leakage throughout your supply chain.

  • Cash Flow – Improve cash flow through inventory optimisation and leveraging procurement/sourcing capabilities.

  • Improve Performance – Eliminate waste in your end-to-end materials management processes driving peak performance.

  • Understanding your materials management business – gain insights into how your materials management business truly operates.

Orion Group

Orion Group is an international leader in the provision of technical talent and value outsourcing solutions. Orion has placed over £4bn worth of solutions in the energy sector since its inception in 1987. Our Value Outsourcing offering within Orion boasts full Statement of Works capabilities via our OCCMS, OPRO and ISP-branded divisions and supplies our in-house completions and commissioning software, Orbit.

Orion Materials Management is Orion Group’s latest initiative, led by leading industry experts in materials management. It provides value driven, cost-effective and bespoke materials management services suited to your needs

Case Study - Materials Management and warehousing consultancy

Orion Materials Management worked closely with a major operator who required our material management expertise to address the challenges their PSCM business faced.

Their processes in place to identify, control, reserve, order and replenish materials required for operations and maintenance activities suffered several inefficiencies, mainly emanating from a systems setup which hindered the team’s ability to schedule and execute work orders on time.  This jeopardised the reliability of the plant which had previously led to unplanned shutdowns and the loss of $2.5-$3m of cash flow per day.

Project Challenges

  • Complex Operating processes and systems

  • No clear accountability or line of sight on end-to-end processes

  • Significant material backlog posing a significant risk in operation and production

  • Regional KPI metrics amongst some of worst in the business


  • Developed robust processes for value recovery resulting in cost savings of $15m

  • Critical Spare Parts Reviews and Inventory Optimisation resulting in prevention of an unplanned production shutdown saving $2.5m

  • Functional Materials Management Processes rolled out resulting in 75% of procurement backlog cleared and PO automation set for an all-time high for the region

  • Materials Management Transformation Charter delivered covering over 25 key PSCM processes and over 400 actions

  • Improved KPI metrics to best in class

Case Study - Procurement audit

Orion Materials Management supported a major operator to audit their procurement health by reviewing and reducing historic aged open purchase orders and invoice processing.

Project Challenges

  • Open invoices resulting in financial exposure of over $20m.

  • Poor procurement health and visibility in system due to backlog of invoices increasing administrative burdens.


  • Optimised procurement backlog and reduced open invoice exposure of over $20m.

  • Embed sustainable process in place to ensure procurement health is maintained at high standards.

  • Efficient turnaround and processing time of invoices.

Case Study - Mobile warehouse ERP solution

Orion Materials Management was approached by a major operator to participate in an exciting supply chain digitalisation project. In collaboration with their IT team and ERP system provider, OMM provided services as business process Subject Matter Expert (SME) and project leader. The key aim of the project was to increase resource utilization and efficiency utilizing digital tools enabling warehouse personnel to perform both physical and system transactional activities in real time and on the go.·         Simplified ERP processes.

Project Challenges

  • Complex ERP system architecture.

  • Limited standardisation and variation in processes globally.

  • Varying degrees of user competency.

  • Inefficient resource utilisation.

  • Data input errors and inventory inaccuracy because of fragmented physical and system activities.

  • Heavily reliance on manual and paper processes.


  • Standardised global ways of working.

  • Reduce complexity of system increasing productivity and user competency.

  • Full barcode and RFID capability.

  • Increased resource utilisation and efficiency by 30%, resulting in annual savings of $3M per annum.

  • 15% improvement in inventory accuracy implementing process controls (poke-a-yoke) as part of digital solution and real-time transaction postings.

  • Reduce GHG emissions through paperless transactions.

  • Achieved 85% global resource usage of digital solution in under a year.

  • 70% of core ERP transactions in MM and WH functions can now be performed in the digital solution.

Case Study - Integrated supply base and warehousing design, build and commission

Orion Materials Management was called upon by a major operator in one of their new developing regions to collaborate on the design and infrastructure requirements of a 75,000m2 Integrated supply base, warehousing, and storage solutions. In cooperation with the local service provider, OMM supported in the development of the internal and external layout design, construction, and commissioning of the supply base and warehousing storage solutions. A key deliverable for this project was to deliver the clients’ vision of a fully sustainable and Net Zero integrated supply base and warehouse operations.

Project Challenges

  • Project delivery timeline of 15 months from design, construct, and commissioning of a 75,000m2 supply base, inclusive of a 15,000m2 warehouse with capacity to accommodate over 5,000 pallet spaces and capable of handling over 35,000 SKU’s.

  • Global supply chain constraints impacting procurement and delivery of long lead equipment.

Project Results

  • Developed an integrated supply base, warehousing & storage design concept that enhances safety, material process flows and a fully integrated and efficient end to end supply chain covering warehousing, materials management and logistics operated by a 3PL.

  • Project manage delivery of full scope from engineering studies, architectural design, construction, and commissioning, working closely with service provider and stakeholders to deliver a project that is safe, on schedule and within budget.

  • Designed and operationalised a fully self-sufficient and Net Zero supply base, warehousing, and storage facility.

  • Built a Best-in-class facility for the region supporting full asset lifecycle (Drilling, Production and Operations).

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