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Orion Integrated Service Provision (ISP)

Integrated Service Provision - Delivering Recruitment Outsourcing Worldwide

Orion’s Managed Services Program (Orion ISP) improves time to fill, enhance quality of talent, improves insights on labour spend and ensures robust workforce compliance.

We call this Integrated Service Provision, and it has many benefits to end users. We deliver resourcing performance enhancements that bring transactional savings to client’s recruitment processes.These are introduced through a range of measures including lead agent service efficiencies, out-sourced labour supply management, single vendor billing and consolidated reporting, vacancy management and candidate co-ordination.

Orion guides our clients through a review process that identifies improvement opportunities and selects the most suitable Orion ISP model or combination to provide the greatest step change in recruitment delivery and cost effectiveness.  Orion retains the 4 following core outsourcing models: 

Single Source Service

Orion maintains a class-leading recruitment capability and has many relationships where it acts as a ‘one-stop shop’ for recruitment services. This can be established with single points of contact, retained resources and reportable key performance indicators. Orion will utilise its’ 6-stage recruitment process to ensure an excellent service is provided.

Contractor Consolidation

Over time, labour may be sourced through multiple sources and by various teams. Through inconsistent terms and conditions application, duplicated effort and limited centralisation, inefficiencies build up. A worker consolidation review will identify and apply commercial and performance improvements.

Managed Service Program

The introduction of a Contractor Consolidation model will often lead to the implementation of an Orion MSP model. For a MSP, Orion will establish a recruitment supply-chain and lead the delivery of resourcing services to the client. This may be as a master vendor where Orion recruits and manages the other suppliers or on a vendor neutral basis where Orion only manages the other suppliers. Both utilise an Orion Vendor Management System (VMS) database for candidate, vacancy, and supplier management.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

As part of any Orion ISP review, consideration will be given regarding where recruitment activities should be carried out and by whom. This provides opportunity for key resourcing activities to be consolidated through Orion as a partner. They may include hiring approval through the Orion VMS system, interviewing support, rate management or a range of other related activities.  

Tailored Service

Whilst working through the discovery phase, a bespoke recruitment outsourcing model will be developed based on a client’s current and future needs, working practices and expectations.  This flexible approach to providing a complete recruitment service ensures that the client receives a service that is right for them. Benefits that may accrue from the introduction of an Orion ISP model include:

·       Cost effectiveness 

·       Uniform experience 

·       Established processes

·       Standardised on-boarding

·       Worldwide compliance 

·       Reduced administration 

·       Consistent reporting

·       Robust platform

·       Life-cycle transparency 

·       Staged Processes

On completing a review process, a detailed schedule is drafted for client approval.  This typically includes implementation, project delivery, service, and communication plans. These in turn document the project description, weekly progress communication, risk management, data verification, vendor and worker management, compliance considerations, key performance indicators, recruitment processes and other related factors.

Worker Welfare

Orion’s people are its’ greatest asset and worker welfare management is an area that Orion does not compromise on. Today, Orion manages over 4000 contactors through our international network of office across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.  

Most Orion workers are on international assignment and are provided with a range of benefits including travel insurance, pre-mobilisation medical, travel and accommodation booking support, emergency medical care and repatriation, visa and permit support, orientation, meet and greet, life and permanent disability assurance, professional security advice, travel updates, medical counsel, EL/PL insurance, safety alerts and 24/7 emergency response service.

Cost Effectiveness

Over and above recruitment improvements, a key driver for many in reviewing resourcing processes is to consider their overall cost effectiveness. Through leveraging economies of scale, introducing best-practice and consolidating recruitment activity, Orion assists with delivering bottom-line improvements to their clients. 

As with the flexible approach to building a unique ISP model, Orion offers an adaptable suite of commercial models that are built around a client’s preferred method of working. This includes charging on a margin, fixed fee, or management charge basis. Orion also offers further volume or neutral funding discounts on a case-by-case basis.


Orion retains two class leading Vendor Management Systems (VMS). Offering varying degrees of functionality, our technology platforms provide flexibility with respect to recruitment processes, supplier management, back-office administration, and reporting.

Easy-to-use VMS with a comprehensive support team allows for an efficient, productive, and cost-effective recruitment outsource.  With remote and mobile access, Orion will provide a technology platform that will enhance resourcing success in a stable and secure environment.

Current Activity

Orion introduced its’ first ISP model twenty years ago and has since implemented a further forty across a range of sectors.  With over 1200 workers on assignment through the Orion ISP, Orion can demonstrate that it has established working practices and successful partnerships in the recruitment outsourcing field. With multiple contracts running concurrently, Orion has billed more than £500m of ISP sales in recent years.

References and project summaries are available on request.