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OPRO - Orion professional Services

Statement of Works (SOW) and managed scopes service trading brand that packages the Orion successful technical and business management resource supply into value outsourced solutions for any technical or business delivery or support requirements. 

There 3 sub-streams of OPRO 

Business SOW

Business transformation and change projects.  Interim management and goal focussed business change delivery solutions.

Resource SOW

Supply of objective and outcome focussed technical teams with an Orion/Client shared responsibility for outcome success.  The benefits of this over Project SOW is the client retains control of all the important or key aspects of the delivery with Orion taking away all the distracting but necessary aspects that also contribute to overall success of any given campaign.

Project SOW

Fully outsourced or contracted services for technical projects, scopes or sub-scopes either on a variety of risk/reward contract mechanisms.

Orion Professional Services is all about partnering with our clients to find the best delivery solutions for their business transformation and change requirements.

Our approach to delivery is honest and transparent, ensuring our clients have full visibility every step of the way. This allows our clients to make informed decisions throughout their ‘change processes and feel a major participant in the journey.

Informed decision making
Whatever the challenges, we can offer support to help you plan your change and transformation objectives.
Our consultants are people who have been there, done it before and have the lessons learned so you can get it right first time.

Achieving long term success
We know the key to a successful outcome is one that becomes fully embedded into the culture of an organisation. We ensure upon delivery that your objectives will stand the test of time, and will transfer knowledge back into the organisation, ‘upskilling’ your own employees as part of the service. Unlike the more traditional consulting approach, we don’t provide an ‘off the shelf’ or ‘one shoe fits all model’, where you are made to feel like you are on the outside of your own change programme. Instead, we place you at the centre, working in partnership with you to learn all there is to know about your organisation and build a cost-effective solution that is the right fit. After all, no one knows your organisation better than you.

Always get the A Team

We always get the very best solution tailored to suit you and your organisation. Change can be a very unsettling time for most organisations, and we want you to feel in control, taking you on the journey with us.

Here at Orion, we are passionate about working with our clients to achieve value from their projects, programmes, and initiatives. We ensure transformation and change initiatives meet objectives and demonstrate tangible return on investment. Our highly experienced consultants have led on outcome-based delivery services for over 10 years, allowing the organisations we work with to align their costs to success, and improve the accountability of their delivery partners and teams.

If you would like to know more about what Orion Professional Services from Orion Group can offer for your business, contact us today to find out more.