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Orion Technology: Powering the Future with Data 

We're Orion Technology and we've been the go-to recruiter for companies seeking Data Science, AI and ML talent across diverse industries like Life Sciences, Renewables, Finance, Oil & Gas, Construction & Infrastructure, Mining, Nuclear, Power & Utilities, and Marine.

From cutting-edge research to building the future, we understand that every sector has unique needs. That's why we tailor our recruitment solutions to the specific cultures and requirements of our clients and candidates.

Additionally, our strategic partnerships with leading companies in the field grant you access to the best opportunities.

Key Jobs in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI:
Data Science:

·       Data Scientist

·       Data Engineer

Machine Learning:

·       Machine Learning Engineer

·       Machine Learning Researcher

·       Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

·       Computer Vision Engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

·       AI Researcher

·       AI Architect

·       Robot Learning Engineer

Generative AI:
  • AI Prompt Engineer

  • Generative Design Specialist

  • AI Input & Output Manager

  • AI Content Reviewer/Auditor

  • Explainable AI Specialist

  • Generative AI Product Manager

This list is not exhaustive, and new roles continue to emerge as these fields evolve. The specific skills and experience required for each job will vary, but strong analytical thinking, programming skills, and problem-solving abilities are generally desired

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