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Health & Safety Awards

The Orion Safety Achievement Award

Thank you for taking an interest in this year’s 2022 Health & Safety Awards.

The award has been running for 10 years, having been established to encourage safe practices in the workplace and promote Health & Safety campaigns.

In addition to nominating others for the award, we will also accept “self-nominations” providing a written endorsement from the relevant client-side supervisor is supplied with each nomination.

To make your nomination please submit the following information:

1.     Name of nominee.

2.     Name of nominator.

3.     Company currently working for.

4.     Contact details.

5.     Reason and explanation for nomination.


 Thank you and good luck!

To view our safety award promotional material, follow the links below:

For more information, please use this (UK only)

Or if you are in the US or Rest of the world, please download this document​