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Global Mobility Services

Orion Group has proven experience in placing people overseas and ensuring they have the support required to make them productive from the outset

Worldwide Mobility Services

Taking an assignment overseas can be a complicated process. Increasing scrutiny on tax and immigration places additional burdens on organisations and mobilising personnel. Concern for personnel welfare and safety requires dedicated on the ground support.

Orion’s Worldwide Mobility Services will provide support right through the process, from visa processing and relocation services through to tax-compliant payroll solutions, meet and greet, and repatriation support.

Integrated throughout Orion’s network of 44 local offices and head office support functions, Orion’s Worldwide Mobility Services will provide a fully coordinated service through pre-mobilisation, in-country arrival and ongoing assignment support.

Pre-mobilisation Support

Whilst no two deployment scenarios are ever the same, there are common elements that need to be in place in advance of first mobilisation. Our Worldwide Mobility Services will initiate and manage all aspects of the pre-mobilisation process.

The Worldwide Mobility Team draws on the expertise of our established HQ functions to ensure the most appropriate solution is in place prior to deployment in country.

• Tax department provides a compliant solution to ensure all in country tax and social security matters are in line with local tax rules.

• Occupational Health Department ensures client specific medical criteria are fulfilled.

• Commercial department provides a contract in line with local employment legislation.

• Visa department advises on requirements for working legally in country, and assists in visa and work permit applications.


• Fitness to work

• Background verification checks

• Visas and work permits

• Country Guides and orientation

• Payroll solutions

• Medical insurance

• Flights and travel coordination

In-country Arrival

Orion Group is ideally placed to provide continuing support once deployed personnel arrive in-country. To ensure a smooth commencement to any overseas assignment, the Worldwide Mobility team liaises with our in-country entity to provide a comprehensive handover and ensure all outstanding in-country matters are in hand. Our local entity is fully briefed on the process up to arrival and can add valuable local expertise in the settling-in and local orientation process. In locations where there is no local Orion Group presence, the Worldwide Mobility team liaises with the local client site to ensure all meet and greet, site induction and security measures are in place.


• Meet and Greet

• Local Permits and Licenses

• Accommodation services

• Local orientation

• Local Banking support

• Local medical cover

Ongoing Assignment Support

Support from the Orion Group does not end once personnel arrive in county. A safe and successful assignment overseas is assured through ongoing support from our local offices and Worldwide Mobility team.

• Safety and security is Orion Group’s first priority and all personnel overseas have 24/7 access to dedicated support from industry leading medical provider, International SOS.

• Our local offices are fully trained to provide local support, and our HQ functions ensure 100% compliance to changes in local tax, employment, and immigration legislation.

• The Worldwide Mobility Team remains a dedicated point of contact, ensuring all issues are dealt with efficiently and promptly, minimising any distraction from the work at hand.

• Repatriation Services provided through our local offices completes an assignment with full support in closing out visas, leases, bank accounts, and ensures a smooth return home.


• Emergency medical response

• Medical renewals

• Visa renewals

• Rotation and flight management

• Annual tax reporting

• Repatriation services

• Updates to client policies and guidelines

• Security updates

• Rate management

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