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Metrum - Complete measurement solutions

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At Metrum, we provide a complete measurement solution and look to fulfil all our client resource needs by offering competent personnel and excellent service. Metrum has a multitude of operational experience gained in the fields of engineering, third-party audit, supervision, project management, field operations, training, measurement reporting and system design.Our solutions include cost-effective, fully-compliant and fit-for-purpose metering services, including the ability to supply metering specialists and to train in-country local engineers and graduates receive the full metering solutions you require.

Our services include independent metering expertise in:

Fiscal Metering
Allocation Metering Process Metering
Fiscal and Process Analysers
EUETS regulation metering for environmental compliance, emissions and pollution-related legislation.
Operational best practice

Why choose Metrum?

Accurate measurement requires every metering system to be designed in accordance with international standards and industry good practice.

A crucial challenge for international and national oil companies and metering system integrators is to ensure their existing or proposed metering system is operating within the desired uncertainty budget and for the application to be fit for purpose. Inaccuracies in your measurement system can have contractual and regulatory consequences resulting in dispute, litigation, and reputational damage.

It can also impact your company finances through incorrect hydrocarbon accounting.
Benefit from our practical, hands-on experience of projects and operations, which can help to reduce your exposure to risk on the development of meters.

With access to qualified, experienced personnel able to perform acceptance testing anywhere in the world, we can offer you independent, expert advice.

We can also help you meet contractual, national, and international regulatory measurement guidelines, whilst minimising risk and maximising revenues.

Precise measurement from the beginning

Metrum provide project support, including engineering studies, across all stages of a flow measurement system’s development.

From conceptual study and front-end engineering and design (FEED) through to factory and site acceptance testing (FAT, SAT), so be confident about system suitability prior to expensive execution.

Construction Complete and Commissioning

Plan and prepare Metrum-specific metering check sheets and commissioning test procedures. Access to our In-house completions and commissioning management system Orbit. FAT’s, SAT’s, commissioning execution and close-out 

Operations Support

Early production support and fine-tuning aged production support

Site surveys System reviews

Maintenance solutions and reviews Upgrade solutions and reviews

Liaison with regulatory authority and partners.

Specialist Manpower Supply Global mobility solutions

Competency assured supply Training solutions.

Acceptance Testing

Metrum provides acceptance testing services to ensure that fiscal, allocation or environmental metering systems meet functional design specifications before going into service.
We can carry out the testing at the manufacturing location (factory acceptance testing), or when equipment has been commissioned on-site (site acceptance testing).
We can provide our customers with a single source for  the procurement of all their instrumentation requirements; whether it is to purchase a new item, hire on a short-term basis, or have an instrument repaired or calibrated.

Equipment Supply

We have a wide range of products and services designed to meet the most challenging client requirements and highly-trained experienced personnel are on hand to  offer advice and consultation 24/7.

Over the years, the Metrum team have built close working relationships with leading manufacturers of instrumentation products. We can offer the latest technologies available in the instrumentation market and can supply a wide range of metering test equipment and process instruments.


These courses are designed to increase the awareness of measurement and the financial risk attached to it.

Metrum can provide a range of Measurement courses, ranging from a Measurement appreciation course through to specialised courses on auditing and uncertainty.         

SQA Measurement Vocational Qualification

Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) are internationally- recognised awards based upon national standards, providing evidence that engineers and technicians are competent in the workplace. The Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) level 3 in Measurement

Processes (Maintenance) allows candidates to demonstrate 

Competence in job-related skills in their area of work and expertise.

Measurement Fundamentals – 2-day duration

Advanced Measurement Fundamentals – 3-day duration

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