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Key Information pages

​​In the UK, Orion are required to provide a ‘Key information document’ to agency workers. The key information document is intended to improve transparency of information for UK agency workers, particularly around pay.

Orion excels on transparency. We will always issue a contract and detail all relevant assignment information to workers engaged. Orion regional teams are available should you have any queries regarding your contractual terms.

The Key information documents are contained within the links below.

Click on the link to download the document

If you require the excel calculator pages for 4. Champion, 9. Giant Professional or 17. Payme KID's please make a request to and the excel workbooks can be sent directly.

1. Advance Contracting KID March 23

2. Bright Sky KID March 23

3. Brookson Solution KID March 23

4. Champion Contract KID March 23

5. Contract Umbrella KID March 23

6. Contractor Umbrella KID March 23

7. Crest Plus KID March 23

8. Danbro KID March 23

9. Giant Professional KID March 23

10. ICS Umbrella KID March 23

11. JMK Business KID March 23

12. Liquid Friday KID March 23

13. NASA Umbrella KID March 23

16. Parasol Group KID March 23

17. Payme KID March 23

18. PayStream My Max KID March 23

19. Sapphire DNP KID March 23

20. Sterling KID March 23

21. Umbrella-Co KID March 23

22. WeContracting KID March 23

Orion PAYE KID April 2023

Orion Personal Service Company KID April 2023