​How To Cope With - And Move On From - Redundancy

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Sudden or not, redundancy can be a big blow. For many, this life change leads to feelings of uncertainty or inadequacy. But with the right outlook, this life event can be a catalyst for positive change.

So if you’re facing redundancy, here are three tips to consider. Most important of all: remember that being made redundant doesn’t mean you are redundant.

1. Stay positive

From restructuring to cost-cutting, organisations issue redundancies for an array of reasons that very rarely reflect your job performance. It’s not personal, so continue to have confidence in yourself. Many people have even expressed gratitude for the life changes that were born out of their redundancy, such as a long-awaited career switch-up or a re-evaluation of their work-life balance.

2. Don’t look back

Look for a job. While it’s tempting to stew in seemingly negative circumstances, encourage yourself to switch to more solutions-focused thinking. For you, it’s onwards and upwards. Perhaps even to a new work arrangement – temporary or otherwise. Switching from employment to contracting, for example, could eventually lead to permanent employment opportunities within a company.

3. Manage your finances

Uncertainty may lie ahead, but your finances need not be part of that. Create a long-term financial plan to help give you peace of mind while you search for your next job. Consider contacting your local authority, too, regarding your rights to any financial (and non-financial) support schemes in your area.