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Orion Inverness HQ Takes Giant Leap Towards Net Zero

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Our 2023 Journey in Sustainable Investments

In a world that is facing an urgent need to combat climate change, businesses across the globe are stepping up to reduce their carbon footprint. Orion is making headlines with its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The Orion Inverness HQ has embarked on an ambitious journey towards achieving net-zero emissions, setting a shining example for the corporate world. In this blog, we will delve into the remarkable investments made at the Inverness HQ in 2023, as the company strives to make a significant difference in the fight against climate change.

Air Source Heat Pumps by Ochsner: A Breath of Fresh Sustainability

Orion's investment in sustainability began with the installation of five cutting-edge Air Source Heat Pumps from Ochsner, an esteemed Austrian manufacturer. These heat pumps are a pivotal part of the company's strategy to reduce its carbon emissions. Not only do they enhance energy efficiency, but they also provide a cleaner and more sustainable source of heating, making the workplace a more eco-friendly environment.

Solar PV Panels: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Orion's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop at heating solutions. The installation of 93 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels on the HQ's roof is another testament to their dedication to renewable energy. These panels generate clean and green electricity, helping to reduce the company's reliance on fossil fuels and its carbon footprint.

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Solar panels

H2: Electric Vehicle Chargers: Promoting Sustainable Transportation

To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), Orion has installed six Electric Vehicle Chargers at its Inverness location and an additional two at the Aberdeen office. This investment not only promotes eco-friendly transportation among employees but also contributes to the growth of electric vehicle infrastructure in the region, further reducing emissions from the company's operations.

electric charging station

Expanding the Fleet: Going Electric with a Mercedes EQV 7-Seater People Carrier

Orion's dedication to sustainability extends to its fleet as well. The acquisition of a Mercedes EQV 7-seater people carrier underscores the company's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. These electric vehicles not only reduce emissions but also set an example for employees and other businesses in the area.

Grid Connection and Monitoring: Ensuring Efficiency and Sustainability

The investments made at the Inverness HQ are not just about installing new technologies; they also include a robust monitoring system. Orion has ensured a grid connection and implemented electricity performance monitoring with digital dashboards. This allows the company to keep a close eye on energy consumption and make necessary adjustments for optimal efficiency.

Cost and Local Contractors: A Community-Centric Approach

With its substantial financial investment in heat pumps and solar panels, Orion has chosen to support the local economy by appointing a family business, G&A Barnie, as the contractor for these projects. This reflects the company's commitment to strengthening the community as well as the environment.

Net Zero for Business and a Comprehensive Carbon Management Plan

Orion has signed up for 'Net Zero for Business' with electricity supplier EDF, demonstrating its commitment to driving sustainability throughout its operations. The company has a well-defined Carbon Management Plan that guides its efforts, ensuring that every aspect of the business is aligned with its sustainability goals.

Environmental Pledge: A Bold Commitment to the Planet

Orion's overarching environmental pledge is to reach carbon neutrality by 2023 (which has been achieved) and science-based net zero by 2045. This commitment goes beyond mere words; it's a promise backed by substantial actions, making the company a true leader in corporate sustainability.

Carbon Offset Certification: Investing in a Greener World

To mitigate its impact on the environment, Orion has invested in overseas projects aimed at offsetting 143 tonnes of CO2 produced by the Inverness HQ. This move demonstrates the company's dedication to leaving a positive mark on the planet and creating a sustainable future for all.

Empowering Employees: Electric Vehicle Purchase through Salary Sacrifice

Orion's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its physical infrastructure and corporate strategies; it's also about empowering its employees to make eco-conscious choices. The company has introduced an innovative salary sacrifice scheme that offers its staff in the UK the opportunity to purchase electric vehicles. This forward-thinking initiative not only supports employees in transitioning to electric transportation but also aligns with Orion's broader sustainability goals. By encouraging its workforce to embrace electric vehicles, the company not only reduces its carbon footprint but also encourages its employees to be part of the solution in the fight against climate change. This employee-centric approach demonstrates Orion's dedication to sustainability at all levels of the organisation.

Orion's investments at the Inverness HQ in 2023 are not just financial transactions; they represent dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable world. With its robust investments in clean energy, electric transportation, monitoring systems, and carbon offset initiatives, Orion is leading the way for businesses in Inverness and beyond. Our commitment to net zero emissions is testament to the power of corporate responsibility in the fight against climate change. Orion's journey towards sustainability is making a real impact for a cleaner, greener future.

Andy Christie, BMS Director stated “Our on-going investment in practical environmental measures is consistent with our environmental strategy of achieving carbon neutrality while minimising the need for carbon offsetting. We do however recognise the broader global community benefit in environmental projects which our offsetting provides. We continue to work towards our aim of net zero through continuous environmental improvements”