Working From Home Effectiveness

​How To Increase Your Effectiveness When Working At Home

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Now that many of us spend more time working from home than ever before, is it time to shake up your routine? Boredom and lack of motivation can creep in without you realising it, but the good news is that shaking up your routine to become more effective often comes down to small and simple changes. Here are three tips to help you get the most out of your working-from-home days.

1. Regularly change the scenery

Try working from a coffee shop, library, shared workspace or even a friend’s house. If it’s difficult for you to move your workstation, make sure you get away from your desk for a proper break every day, with bonus points for getting outdoors.

2. Set a defined schedule.

It’s all too easy to let work affect your sleeping patterns and health if you don’t put firm start and stop times in place. The benefit of working from home is you can often make your work schedule flex around other commitments so you can enjoy an evening class, pick up your children from school or take the dog out at lunchtime. Look at what’s changed since you started working from home to help you set realistic expectations.

3. Establish healthy habits.

Get dressed and ready for the day before you switch on your computer, just as you would if you were going to the office. Plan a week’s worth of healthy snacks and lunches and head to the supermarket at the weekend to stock up on everything you’ll need. And try to bring movement into your daily routine: YouTube has lots of free fitness videos, or you could get outside for a walk or a run.