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Recruitment prospects, powering up for nuclear

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The Industrial Strategy, part of the UK government’s Nuclear Sector Deal published in 2018,  is built on five foundations for productivity: ideas, people, infrastructure, business environment and places. The comprehensive ongoing development programme for the civil sector means that over the next few years, the nuclear industry will be looking to hire large numbers of high-level skilled professionals to meet a wide range of roles.

​Major opportunities – skills diversity – future thinking

In a nutshell, key skill sets required in the future are likely to focus on engineers in the civil, mechanical and process design sectors, CAD designers, and multi-disciplinary lead engineers.

In highlighting its long-term priorities, the industry has set itself key challenges: to put the UK at the forefront of AI and the data economy; to revolutionise mobility for people, goods and services; to maximise the economic potential of clean growth – and to use innovative thinking and applications to meet the practical needs of an ageing society. The diversity of these goals clearly demonstrates the scale and scope of the role the nuclear industry is set to play in our society as the 21st century hits its stride – and skilled professionals will be driving its innovation and success.

International reputation

The UK’s civil nuclear sector is already riding high on the global stage and is considered one of the most advanced in the world. From fuel production, generation, new build and research, through to decommissioning, waste management and transportation, all supported by a benchmark regulatory system, this is an industry already making a strong and sustainable contribution to the future.

Currently, it delivers tens of thousands of highly skilled jobs; while many of these are located in the north west and south west of England, the industry’s ambitious growth plans create potential for substantial further investment in other regions.

Recruitment services excellence

Orion is, of course, at the forefront of recruitment opportunities delivery for the nuclear industry, with its extensive background in oil and gas, renewables and nuclear, and the widerenergy sector. Our global reputation is built on solid knowledge of national and worldwide trends in clean energy, carbon reduction and the latest technologies in low-impact construction and emission reduction. Take it from us - nuclear energy is a key contributor to the UK’s future – and if you think your future might be nuclear, watch this space!

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