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OPRO: Custom-designed transformation strategies for businesses achieving change

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Love it or hate it, change is the catalyst for a dynamic business future

Today’s volatile business environment is seeing a growing trend of organisations working to sharpen their competitive edge via radical change. Increasing numbers of businesses are engaging in deep-level company analysis, following up with a programme of strategic action to modernise, streamline and energise their systems, technologies and staff, with a sustainable, profitable future in their sights.

Change is the proverbial double-edged sword; it’s never easy and it’s often fiercely resisted; but its cut and thrust is essential if you’re going to break the mould and step up to take your place in a commercial environment where anything is possible. Orion Professional Services (OPRO) is an exciting service offering custom-designed solutions that make the process of organisational change as easy as possible, without shying away from the necessary and sometimes harsh realities that change can bring.

The anatomy of transformative action

Our experienced consultants understand that nobody knows your business better than you – so they’ve developed a partnership approach to plan for, initiate and carry through the process of organisational change. Along the way, your business will see higher standards of knowledge and performance, and improved accountability, leading to better execution and delivery.

Don’t expect a quick fix, because your OPRO team doesn’t arrive with a ready-packaged solution. Every business is different and its challenges and directions are unique, so our process involves a lot of getting to grips with your company culture – its key objectives and business goals, its systems and technology, its skills levels, staff performance and distribution. We begin with assessing what’s in place – what’s working for you, what isn’t, and what needs to be taken away or replaced with a smarter alternative.

Bespoke solutions for a streamlined, stronger operational profile

Your plan for change incorporates custom-designed solutions that address the specific challenges your organisation faces, its vision of the future, and the objectives your team is working towards. OPRO works with you to identify obstacles to success, conducts a rigorous systems interrogation and overhaul, and makes recommendations to streamline functionality and performance across the board.

Most importantly, our consultants don’t view change as a short-term remedy, but a long-term cure – a responsive corporate attitude that embeds itself in company culture and continues to grow. An organisation embracing change has the flexibility, confidence and intelligence to confront trends, seize advantages and adapt as necessary to maximise opportunity. If your technology, training, infrastructure, quality standards or staff don’t respond positively and creatively to current events and climates, your business will be held back.

Change is coming – embrace it with OPRO

Plan for systemic change with OPRO as a partner, and expect a thorough, organisation-centric process that covers:

·Identifying challenges

·Planning objectives

·Working towards transformative initiatives

·Assessing technological infrastructure

·Upgrading/redirecting technologies to deliver better performance and outcomes

·Introducing continuous improvement techniques to create an ongoing culture that embraces change

·Long-term strategies for staff training, development and upskilling

·Assurance and compliance with legal, trading and operational standards

OPRO’s optimum outcome is your success – together we can change your business world, and its future.