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The Perfect Match: A Project Management Career in Life Sciences

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​The Life Sciences and Pharma (LS) sectors in the UK, Ireland and Europe are booming in a global market. Attracting record levels of investment, the opportunities available for people in this field are widespread.

Convinced by his physics teacher to choose a university course in Medical Electronic Engineering instead of dentistry, which had been his initial aim, Taher Hamadani has no regrets. Recently placed by Orion Group with an orthopaedics developer in Ireland’s thriving LS capital, Cork, Hamadani is gaining valuable project management experience to enhance an already impressive CV.  Originally viewing Medical Electronic Engineering as an innovative field when he chose to study it in his native Iran, it is now the ability to help others and make a difference that makes him look forward to going to work every day.

“I really enjoy making a difference in the quality of products and care that people receive”

“It’s rewarding to know you are supporting processes that can support the industry and improve quality of care. It has a direct effect on improving people’s quality of life. It makes a difference to humanity.” Hamdani’s key piece of advice to graduates looking to follow in his footsteps is to have a goal in mind when choosing a path in LS. For him, that was opting to become a contractor to help hone the project management skills he had obtained through further education. An excellent communicator with good interpersonal skills, Hamadani credits an ability to relate to people, especially when working on highly technical projects, for the progress he has made in the sector. That initial love of innovation that drew Hamadani to life sciences has never left. And, never has it been more evident since he started his career during the recent COVID pandemic.
“At times, LS can be a slow industry because it is heavily regulated, and rightly so,” says Hamadani. “And, actually, that level of regulation, which is higher than other industries, suits some people’s skills, personality and education. But I saw the industry really pull together to roll out the COVID-19 vaccines expediently, the benefits of which we will definitely see long term.”

The pandemic has shone a spotlight on the LS scene, which threw its full weight behind efforts to develop vaccines, treatments and specialist equipment to counter the threat of the highly transmissible COVID-19. Increased investment in the sector has brought opportunities for those working in it, too. 

“There is a lot of learning and opportunity in the sector,” says Hamadani. “Having a lot of large multinationals based here in Ireland, means there are currently great opportunities for those in the LS industry. In particular, the multinational I am working with provides me with very interesting work and job security.”

Hamadani feels that choosing to be a contractor – over accepting permanent roles – has also given his career a boost. “Being a contractor on a project can provide really interesting work that can advance your career,” says Hamadani.

“I like the fast pace of contracting along with the opportunities to move around to get involved with different projects that help narrow your focus in the industry. It provides diverse work and it can be better financially, too.”

If you, like Taher, are interested in a career in Life Sciences, you can upload your CV to us here:

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