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US Energy jobs in Aberdeen

​Orion Group have a proud history of success in the US Energy and Life Sciences sectors. Our offices in Houston, Chicago and New Jersey and Anchorage support a wide number of projects across the USA.

Our History

Orion provides specialist recruitment services across a range of sectors including life sciences, renewables, oil & gas, and others. As well as contract positions, the company also offers permanent recruitment models covering all industry sectors, with its recruitment model tailored to suit your exact needs and budget. Orion has the market intelligence and the experience necessary to take a holistic approach to project delivery, managing manpower provision from start to finish.– always with one eye on the future.

New Jersey:

As the rush to move more of America’s power generation to Offshore wind progressed we spent a lot of time analyzing the best option for Orion Groups first East Coast office. Ultimately we chose Jersey City, ideally located for access to all the major projects happening off the shores of New Jersey and New York with easy Road, Rail, Air or sea links to America and the rest of the world.

US Head Office:

As a company founded on the growth of the energy industry, our US Hub is based in Houston, Texas. The world capital for all things Oil and Gas has been our home for 20 years and continues to grow. Houston also evolves with the time and whilst maintaining it’s place in the Oil and Gas industry, now aims for it’s own Offshore Wind projects and lead the world in Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration.



Orion Group is proud to work with a broad cross section of the industry, from the global leaders in all forms of the Energy industry to start ups finding a way to create new fuels whilst removing plastic from our oceans. Our growth has been fuelled by effective partnerships across the globe. Of course none of this is possible without our commitment to those who work for us. We endeavour to make our deployed workers feel like they are both part of our team and our clients team at the same time.

Aberdeen (the Granite City) earned its reputation as the "energy capital of Europe "for its significant involvement in the Oil and Gas industry over the last 40 years. Many of the industry key players have a considerable presence in the City and use it as a base for work in the North Sea and beyond. Aberdeen has the largest heliport in the world and an important service ship harbour port serving offshore oil rigs, Aberdeen is often called the "Oil Capital of Europe". The number of jobs created by the energy industry in and around Aberdeen has been estimated at over half a million. The majority of the largest oil fields in the UK sector of the North Sea were found in the waters to the north and east of the Scottish mainland, with the more northerly fields found to the east of the Orkney and Shetland islands. Now, the city is gearing up for the next – and potentially most critical – phase of its evolution, using its proven oil and gas infrastructure and expertise to become a world leader in renewable energy. Significant knowledge and experience in offshore project management, underwater cables and foundations, semi-submersibles, moorings, autonomous vehicles and robotics is transferable and essential to the commercial-scale success of offshore wind and other offshore renewable energy.