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Filtration jobs in Aberdeen

The Orion PartnerPlus team has a proud history of supplying talent to the filtration industry across the US, Europe and Asia.​The Filtration Industry is a growing field that offers various job opportunities for individuals with different levels of education and experience. The industry's primary function is to purify and clean air, water, and other liquids by removing unwanted impurities, particles, or contaminants. This industry encompasses various fields such as environmental science, chemical engineering, and manufacturing.

Below are some job opportunities within the Filtration Industry:

  1. Sales and Marketing: Companies in the Filtration Industry require sales and marketing professionals to promote and sell their products to potential customers. These individuals are responsible for developing and executing sales strategies and achieving revenue targets. They also maintain customer relationships and provide after-sales support.

  2. Research and Development: Research and development professionals work on developing and improving filtration products and technologies. They work on designing and testing new products, as well as conducting research on the latest trends and developments in the field. These professionals typically hold advanced degrees in chemical engineering or environmental science.

  3. Manufacturing: Manufacturing jobs within the filtration industry include operators, technicians, and engineers. These individuals are responsible for manufacturing and assembling filtration products, maintaining machinery and equipment, and ensuring quality control.

  4. Quality Assurance: Quality assurance professionals are responsible for ensuring that the filtration products meet industry standards and regulations. They conduct quality control tests and inspections, identify defects, and recommend corrective measures.

  5. Environmental Scientists: Environmental scientists play a crucial role in the filtration industry by researching and identifying contaminants and developing methods to purify them. They conduct water and air quality tests, develop pollution control plans, and evaluate the effectiveness of filtration systems.

  6. Operations and Logistics: Operations and logistics professionals manage the supply chain and ensure the timely delivery of filtration products to customers. They also oversee inventory management and transportation logistics.

  7. Maintenance and Repair: Maintenance and repair professionals are responsible for maintaining and repairing filtration equipment and machinery. They troubleshoot problems, perform preventive maintenance, and conduct repairs to ensure that filtration systems are running smoothly.

The Filtration Industry offers a diverse range of job opportunities across various fields. Whether you have a background in sales and marketing, manufacturing, research and development, or environmental science, there is likely a job within the industry that matches your skills and experience.

Aberdeen (the Granite City) earned its reputation as the "energy capital of Europe "for its significant involvement in the Oil and Gas industry over the last 40 years. Many of the industry key players have a considerable presence in the City and use it as a base for work in the North Sea and beyond. Aberdeen has the largest heliport in the world and an important service ship harbour port serving offshore oil rigs, Aberdeen is often called the "Oil Capital of Europe". The number of jobs created by the energy industry in and around Aberdeen has been estimated at over half a million. The majority of the largest oil fields in the UK sector of the North Sea were found in the waters to the north and east of the Scottish mainland, with the more northerly fields found to the east of the Orkney and Shetland islands. Now, the city is gearing up for the next – and potentially most critical – phase of its evolution, using its proven oil and gas infrastructure and expertise to become a world leader in renewable energy. Significant knowledge and experience in offshore project management, underwater cables and foundations, semi-submersibles, moorings, autonomous vehicles and robotics is transferable and essential to the commercial-scale success of offshore wind and other offshore renewable energy.