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What are the latest developments in Qatar’s oil and gas scene?

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The oil and gas market in Qatar has undergone major changes in recent years. 

Qatar’s oil and gas industry has a range of state-owned and private energy companies, making it a well-developed and diverse sector. Both the midstream and downstream oil and gas industries in Qatar are constantly expanding, and so is the country’s economy – which is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

Today’s oil and gas organisations are having to adapt and tackle new challenges in a time of limited resources. But what’s been happening in Qatar’s oil and gas scene in recent times and what do these changes mean for oil and gas engineering jobs in Qatar?

From reliability engineer jobs in oil and gas to electrical engineer and maintenance engineer positions, below we’ve outlined how the oil and gas market in Qatar is shaping up.

The latest developments in oil and gas in Qatar explained

Liquified natural gas expansion

Qatar remains a leading player in the LNG market and has been establishing itself as a dominant force globally. As the world moves away from fossil fuels, the country is investing heavily in LNG to contribute to the push towards cleaner energy.

As one of the world’s top LNG exporters, Qatar is planning an 85% expansion in LNG output from 77 million metric tons per year (mtpa) to 142 mtpa by 2030 – which is up from the previously expected 126 mtpa.

This planned expansion of LNG production could see Qatar controlling nearly 25% share of the global market by 2030 and could squeeze out rival projects including the US.

Qatar’s continual expansion if production capacity will potentially creating more Middle Eastern oil and gas job opportunities in the process. Therefore, the oil and gas industry continues to expand in Qatar, positioning the country as an important player in the global gas market.

The rise of new gas investments

Furthermore, Qatar has also signed a number of significant LNG deals recently too which comes as Europe searches for new energy searches for new energy sources as an alternative to Russia. 

These include the recent announcement that Qatar has agreed to supply British firm Shell with natural gas for 27 years, which amounts to Qatar supplying 3.5 million tons of gas a year under the deal. 

The deal with Shell is equal in length to another agreement that was recently announced with France’s TotalEnergies for a 27-year supply of natural gas. Additionally, deliveries of LNG to Rotterdam are expected to begin in 2026. 

These new investments enable Qatar to extend its oil and gas footprint and continue to build relationships with global partners, which coincides with the Qatar National Vision – a development plan to transform Qatar into a more sustainable country.

Offshore explorations

One of the most recent developments in Qatar’s oil and gas scene is offshore explorations. It has recently been reported that QatarEnergyentered an agreement with TotalEnergies to buy a stake in a licence to seek oil and gas off South Africa as part of their plans to develop the Orange Basin area in Namibia. 

Under the agreement, Qatar Energy will hold 24% interest in the exploration licence. 

The expansion plan follows previous agreements to enter offshore exploration in Lebanon with a 30% stake and Namibia where Qatar acquired 45% of the exploration licenses. 

These projects are part of a wider international strategy for QatarEnergy as they seek to expand their operations across different countries. As a result, this could pave the way for more opportunities for professionals who are looking to work internationally. 

Overall, it’s an exciting time for the oil and gas market in Qatar as the country seeks to raise investment and develop further expansion projects.

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