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Oil and Gas CVs: your ultimate list of dos and don’ts

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If you’re on the oil and gas job search and are looking to buff up your CV, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you have no oil rig experience or barrels of big-name jobs behind you, are looking for oil and gas project engineer jobs or a searching for an offshore gig, our oil and gas recruitment experts have put together a list of ‘dos and don’ts’ to bear in mind for building your oil and gas CV.

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Oil and gas CV dos

Do highlight your technical skills

Firstly, there’s no denying that technical skills comprise the building blocks of any career in oil and gas. Show you are up to the job with a list of relevant technical skills and qualifications at the start of your CV, or weave them into your job experience descriptions.

Top tip: When applying for specific roles, you’ll want to tailor these skills to reflect the technical requirements listed on the job specification.

Do target the right field

Did you know that recruiters and prospective employers sometimes use keywords to filter through applications? Well, you do now!

Jobs in the oil and gas industry tend to fall into different categories: business, engineering, and mathematics, to name a few.

Whether you’re looking for oil and gas engineering jobs or subsea and diving support positions, for example, by tailoring your CV to target the correct category, you’ll be giving your CV a hand to rise to the top of the pile.

Do evidence transferable skills

You don’t need oil and gas experience to have a fruitful career in oil and gas. Surprised? Don’t be. In fact, transferrable skills acquired from other industries can even bolster your application.

Engineers from a military background, for example, have a well-established skillset for working in difficult or high-risk environments – making them ideal candidates for offshore rig work in particular.

So, no matter your experience, confidently highlight you have the skills required to succeed in oil and gas.

Do demonstrate mobility and a willingness to travel

A job in the oil and gas industry could take you all over the world, from the Athabasca oil fields in Alberta, Canada to the North Sea waters surrounding Aberdeen such as the Forties Oil Field.

In fact, depending on the role you are applying for, frequent travel is often a prerequisite – so it’s really important to make sure your CV communicates a preparedness for travel,

It’s also worth flagging any previous international experience, language skills, or jobs conducted in remote locations to ensure you stand out from the crowd, too.

Oil and gas CV don’ts

Don’t write multiple pages

Get to the point: keep your CV concise, precise and purposeful. Did you know, on average, employers spend just six to eight seconds reading a CV?

Employees must sift through scores of CVs for a given role – sometimes even hundreds – so they need to make snap judgements about whether a candidate is suitable.

We recommend keeping your CV at one page (two pages maximum), giving you the best chance of capturing the attention of the recruiter in such a short timeframe.

Top tip: Not sure what to cut out? Start with whittling down your experiences to the top three most relevant jobs for the position you are applying for.

Don’t forget structure

So, you’ve condensed your CV down to one page? Great. Now take caution to avoid word dumping. Be tactical: slip into the shoes of a storyteller and think about how you might structure your document to best showcase your skills and experience.

Start strong with career highlights if you’re an oil and gas veteran, for example. Or, for those new to the industry, how can you quickly shine a spotlight on your relevant transferable skills?

A well-structured CV makes light work for reading, encouraging your prospective employer to spend more time considering your candidacy.

Need further oil and gas CV advice?

Whether you’re searching for oil and gas project engineer jobs, are looking for your next procurement and supply chain position, or are on the lookout for drilling engineer opportunities, our specialist oil and gas team are on hand to provide expert advice.

So, if you are seeking tailored support and need help creating the perfect CV for your career in oil and gas, look no further.

Get in touch with your local Orion Group office today or alternatively, why not have a look at the oil and gas jobs we are currently working here.