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How To Land The Job Of Your Dreams

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​The job of your dreams could be yours. We’ve identified three steps to help you identify the direction you want your career to take and give you the best chance of succeeding through the application and interview process. Read on to find out what they are.

Discover what puts you in a ‘flow state’

This term describes the feeling of being so absorbed in a task that you don’t notice the passing of time and aren’t easily distracted. It often happens when we’re doing something at the edge of our abilities - something that’s challenging but not beyond us. Are there any jobs out there that would allow you to get into a flow state and get paid for it?

Check and tailor your application

Ensuring there are no typos is only the first step: if you’re applying for your dream job, take the time to replicate the terminology and keywords your prospective employer used in the job description, and edit your experience so it’s immediately obvious why you’re the right person for the role.

Check your online image

Make sure you check all your social media accounts to see what pops up when someone you’re not connected to views your profile. Delete and update as necessary.