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Orion sign £1.5m Ipatas Training Pilot Deal


Orion Project Services PNG (part of the Orion Group) are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement for an innovative training pilot program developed in collaboration with the Ipatas Foundation and SITE Group International Limited.

The agreement will provide residential training for 120 PNG nationals from the Enga Province in areas of Heavy Diesel Maintenance, Construction and Fabrication as well as Camp Services, Cookery and Logistics at SITE Skills Clark, Philippines campus.

The candidates will undertake intensive long term training commencing with up to 6 months live-in training before being deployed with a selected employer for further on-the job training (OJT).

The program will target areas of skills shortage in PNG with a goal of training locals to reduce the national dependence on imported (expat) labour.  The pilot group will also undertake leadership training as future leaders in their field.


Chairman of Ipatas Foundation, Mr. Isaac Lupari said “This pilot program is designed to provide training that is tied to outcomes – employment.  Too many of our people have not had the opportunity to participate in the major projects in this country and we are endeavouring to rectify that by sustainable long term training programs tied to employment.  As a country we must ensure that the opportunities are shared but without pre-requisite skills this is difficult.  In this program, we believe we can provide a solution.”

At a signing ceremony including The Minister for Education and Grand Chief and Governor for Enga ,Governor Ipatas stated, “It’s time for us to look beyond the trades training we have embarked on and develop a program that is tied to employers. We will be expecting employers to join us in this venture.  Already we have had significant commitment from the mining, oil and gas and construction sectors.”

Mr. Allen Tyson, Regional Director of Orion stated, “We are very proud to be working with the Ipatas Foundation on this landmark initiative ; building on our many years of successful provision of competent resources in PNG , and our continued commitment to sustainable development of the indigenous labour pool. We view this project as the forerunner of several , which will in time be facilitated in PNG.”

SITE CEO and Managing Director Mr. Vernon Wills said “This strategic step by Ipatas, strongly supported by Orion, provides a path of certainty for PNG nationals to gain the necessary skills to participate in the construction and operation of PNG projects.  The long term vision of the Minister for Education and Grand Chief for Enga, Governor Ipatas will provide for people to gain a pathway, qualification and experience to position them well going forward.”

The pilot K4.5 million will be delivered by Orion and SITE at SITE’s Philippines Training Facility, situated at Clark. First candidates are expected to commence training by end of July 2013, progressing to paid OJT by January 2014.

Recent Comments
This is really commendable because without proper training, people will not fully participate and benefit from the spin-off businesses that projects generate. And furthermore the skills learnt will sustain the recipients of this training the long run even after the life of projects which means the quality of the country's workforce is raised.
Linus Kedogar, 23 July 2013
Well done Orion for your effort in creating this outstanding initiative, look forward to reading more on this inspiring theme as it realises its potential ATB
Rod Morrison, 23 November 2013
Well done and great initiative..! Human Resource Management key to development not only in Enga but the whole of PNG.
Ian Chee Boas, 21 January 2014
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