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Government plan and new changes to criminal records disclosure regime


Orion Group welcomes the proposed Government amendments  (9 July) to the filtering rules that govern what is automatically disclosed through both standard and enhanced disclosure and barring service (DBS) checks. The changes aim to ensure the ‘right balance’ between rehabilitating offenders and protecting the public. 

Group HR Manager Chris Neale said he “welcomed the news, at a time when there will be pressure on the jobs market and with further changes to Immigration, it’s important that any form of stigma or prejudice is removed from the application and recruitment processes.   Job seekers do not need any additional and unnecessary barriers to finding employment and from an employer’s point of view we do not want to be missing out on highly skilled candidates”.

These changes would not apply to sensitive roles – such as when working with vulnerable adults or in national security positions – or to the most serious of sentences, however the proposed changes would mean the removal of the requirement for automatic disclosure of youth cautions, reprimands and warnings and remove the ‘multiple conviction’ rule, which requires the automatic disclosure of all convictions where a person has more than one conviction, regardless of the nature of their offence or sentence. 

With such negative stigma attached to having a criminal record, ex-offenders can experience great difficulty in ever finding work. For ex-offenders, the opportunity to work can be life-changing. People with past convictions can often be more dedicated and committed to their employer as a result of being given an opportunity in the first place. 

By taking a couple of simple steps and helping remove the stigma/barriers, employers open the doors to a wealth of talent and provides a second chance and an opportunity to get their lives back into a positive place. 

Find out more and sign up to Business in the Community’s Ban the Box campaign by clicking here  

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