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Diversity for competitive advantage


According to studies by socialist talent these companies are at the forefront of diversity and inclusion.

Diverse organisations perform better. We’re always saying it, but there’s a very good reason why.

Most studies surrounding diversity in the workplace have found that for every 1% increase in gender diversity, company revenue increases by 3%.

Higher levels of ethnic diversity increase revenue by a whopping 15%.

Orion Group are committed to equal access to jobs and our qualified recruitment staff are familiar with the legal framework relating to discrimination along with our best practice diversity and inclusion (D&I) working processes.

 Orion Group actively advise clients on how to broaden their potential talent pool.


1. Sodexo

Industry: Quality of Life Services

# of Employees Worldwide: 420,000+


2. Johnson & Johnson

Industry: Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Packaged Goods

# of Employees Worldwide: 127,000+


3. Mastercard

Industry: Financial Services

# of Employees Worldwide: 10,300+


4. Accenture

Industry: Professional Services/Consulting

# of Employees Worldwide: 375,000+


5. Kaiser Permanente

Industry: Healthcare

# of Employees Worldwide: 177,500+


6. EY

Industry: Professional Services

# of Employees Worldwide: 212,000+


7. Disney

Industry: Mass Media Entertainment

# of Employees Worldwide: 180,000+


8. Coca-Cola 

Industry: Beverage

# of Employees Worldwide: 123,200+


9. Marriott International

Industry: Hospitality/Tourism

# of Employees Worldwide: 200,000+


10. Novartis

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

# of Employees Worldwide: 118,700+







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