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Our man in Brazil, Marco Andre, talks about his first three months on the job.


I’m very proud to have been involved with helping Orion open their Rio de Janeiro office. I think that they’ve come to this part of the world at exactly the right time; it’s a really exciting period for the oil and gas industry on this continent and the office will act as a platform for Orion to work in Latin America.

The last three months have been extremely busy! Obviously I’ve been involved in a lot of paper work, as you can imagine - opening in a new continent. We’re growing every day and we’ve been working closely with a number of large bluechip clients. I’ve had 35 client meetings over the last 2 months alone, building those close relationships that will stand us in great stead as we continue to develop operations in the region.

One of the key things I’m working on is raising Orion’s profile with local clients in Brazil and throughout Latin America. We’re already very well known by the international community which is a massive plus point in our favour - the respect that these huge companies have for Orion has been incredibly helpful for me in opening this new branch in a new continent.

I know that Orion’s future in Latin America is going to be bright. I see us focussing on Brazil initially - as the fifth largest country in the world there are an incredible number of opportunities for us to focus on. Rio remains the key place in the country for companies to have their headquarters so it’s imperative that we’re based here but for the future I see us opening a second base in Macae, about 180km northwest of Rio. Macae, although a small city, is an important location for oil and gas so most companies are also based there and I’ve been spending a lot of time there with clients.

2014 is set to be an interesting year for Brazil. It has been said that Brazil is the country of the future and I think that future has now arrived! There are so many opportunities here at the moment and this means there has been a huge amount of investment in the country and its infrastructure. The last 10-15 years have shown Brazil going from strength to strength, especially since it was largely immune the economic downturn that affected large parts of the world and I know it’s becoming a fairer and safer place every day.

One of the big projects that I’m excited about is in pre-salt, starting next year. This deep water exploration is expected to yield great results. This will result in huge investment from beginning to end, 200 boats are being built and need ship yard workers, these huge ships will then need crews and so the demand for people goes on. As such, one of the roles that is in high demand at the moment is for subsea engineers. Roles in this area are very much suitable for international contractors, we’ll bring you in on a 3-6 month contract where you’ll be supported every step of the way by Orion.

I may have only been working at Orion for a short while but having previously worked for a competitor I’ve found working here far superior. They’re very supportive and I’m confident that their investment in Brazil will pay off very quickly - this will be in no small part because they’ve invested significant time and resources in it.

So keep an eye out for opportunities in Latin America as we expand. In the meantime you can check out the roles we currently have in the Americas region.

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I have had the opportunity to visit Orion's facilities at Rio de Janeiro and I was quite impressed with the way Marco Andre has been developing relationship with key stakeholders in the market place. He demonstrates initiative to deliver solutions that meet stakeholders needs. This is really a good start. Congratulations.
Sergio Lima, 06 February 2014
I had the opportunity to work with Marco André. He is fully dedicated to the company targets, excellent in coaching his subordinates, excellent problem solver and analytical thinker and has a very good sense of humor which makes it easier to work. It was a great pleasure work with him. Congratulations and Success!
Cristian Emmerich, 07 February 2014
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