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Our 2014 Predictions


Callum Donaldson, International Recruitment Manager at Orion Group gives his thoughts on what’s shaping up to be another interesting year for Recruitment in the world of Oil & Gas.

2014 will be another significant year for the oil and gas industry with those involved looking to keep track of a number of new areas of development, health and safety changes and challenges facing a globalised workforce.

From production to geophysics, infrastructure development to pipeline integrity, those working in the sector will still find their talents very much in demand this year.

Demand will remain especially high for an experienced and technically astute workforce, and the jobs market this year will undoubtedly remain candidate driven.  It’s generally assumed that money is a key driver for those working in the industry; however we know first-hand that it goes much deeper than that.  The location of a potential job is a key consideration for onshore and offshore workers, and it’s something which recruitment companies increasingly need to be aware of.

As for worldwide trends, it remains a very mixed bag. Increased global energy demand will always mean a need for increased manpower. A big growth area for us currently is in North America and Canada, particularly within the onshore processing field.  We have experienced teams in both Houston and Calgary on hand to support the local markets.

From north to south, the South American market is steadily becoming a big hitter. The Americas market generally is looking very buoyant and so we have taken steps to build our presence in the region by opening our first office in Rio.  The importance of the South American market cannot be understated and it is vital for a company such as Orion Group to have a presence in country. Expect big things from what is fast becoming a bourgeoning market in 2014.

A common question for those looking to get a foothold in the industry is which roles are in demand? We predict that Senior Technical Safety Engineers in particular, where candidates hold a strong chemical process background, will continue to be in high demand.   That said, those involved in any aspect of exploration and production will always hold a certain amount of sway in the market.

Those working in the recruitment industry have had to adjust to the way in which we do business. We have had to move with economic and environmental shifts and complement the new green economies which are being heralded.  Again, this is something we will continue to work towards in 2014 and beyond.

We anticipated many of these changes well ahead of time which is why we’ve been so successful in oil and gas recruitment. As the focus on energy continues to grow with Scotland and the rest of the UK working hard-to-meet ambitious renewable energy targets, it’s up to company’s like Orion Group to provide the right people for the job.

The oil and gas market remains a key sector for us but our other business streams – Aerospace, Rail, Civil Construction, IT & Telecoms, Petrochemical and Renewables are also significant contributors to our success.

Looking to the future, we are embarking on further expansion at our Inverness HQ and we will continue to invest in people and facilities to ensure that the Group remains a world class recruitment business.

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F.a.o Recruitment/ training departments I would like to introduce myself, my name is Neil Bennet. I am looking for some help/support/guidance/assistance, I intend to make a Career change heading into the gas and oil industry. I have started extensive research into the industry through various website, researching on recruitment agencies and training courses. I have no current experience in this gas and oil field, so let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 33 yrs. old i have some further education training obtained at college level, I have for the last 14 years been employed in the retail industry with a uk leading retailer. A career path started and I have under taken various different promotions, gave myself regular training and development opportunities in furthering my training and skills. For the last 9 years I have experienced retail management gaining and learning different leadership skills, again furthering my training needs through the companies training programmes. You may then ask why the conclusion has been reached by myself to change career paths, in an ever changing industry where ecommerce has started to to become the growth market for retail, I made the decision to look for a new career challenge. So you ask yourself the question why? come to the decision to embrace the Gas and Oil industry. That answer is very simple, I am looking for a lifetime career with opportunities to constantly develop myself and to further increase my skills and knowledge i have already obtained. An Industry that has areas of interest, challenge and will test me as an individual. Coupled with an improved quality of life for my family and myself, with global opportunities in the frame of job prospects. I am very aware most people can be attracted to this industry due to the financial packages which can be earned or the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off shift patterns, presuming it is an easy industry to work in unaware of the challenges working offshore may hold. I have already given myself some career goals within the industry, my ambitions are to work within Health and Safety in the long term with also giving myself an opportunity to work in a different country. Whether that be in Europe or further a field and require learning another language. Short term i have assessed myself with training needs to show my strive to work in the industry and gain experience, with no current experience I am going to invest in myself to make myself a more attractive candidate to prospective employers within the industry. What I’m looking for in terms of help/support/guidance/assistance is advice on best recommended recruitment agencies within the industry? recommended training companies/centres to attend? I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my mail or any help and support you give me. Regards Neil Bennet
Neil Bennet, 13 May 2014
hello, any jobs going for mechanics/rigging engineers? 10yrs + experiance would be very gratefull for a reply
lee mackay, 27 May 2014
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