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Orion Finance - An interview with a Financial Director


Orion Finance seek to recruit the most successful, talented and experienced professionals in the industry. Focused on matching skill sets and personal preferences to permanent, contract and interim roles across a number of sectors including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, FMCG, Technology, and Pharmaceutical.

Interview with Roy Herath - Finance Director 

Sarah Clarke, Business Manager, in our Finance Division had the opportunity to sit down with Roy and discuss his insight into a number of topics ranging from transferable skills, work-life balance and the challenges of in-house recruitment.

Do you think accounting skills are transferable between sectors? 

Yes skills such as auditing, internal controls, contract negotiations, project management, people management, statutory compliance, legal and health & safety to name but a few transferable skills.  

Have you ever missed out on a role because you didn’t come from the preferred sector or have you declined a candidate for this reason?

Unfortunately sectors such a financial services and insurance regularly reject candidates from other sectors. 

Why do you think some clients are so focused on having finance professionals from their sector?

Mainly down to organisations being unable to provide the necessary training in-house.

Do you think the work-life balance is changing?

Yes with the expansion of cloud computing, smart organisations are changing their business practises to hire the best.

Do you think a good work-life balance produces a more productive team?

Not for the entire team, this only applies to highly professional individuals; others may exploit the situation without adequate supervision.

 In your experience, is working from home less or more productive?

A team environment is important to successfully overcome challenges; if an organisation invests enough resources upfront on developing remote collaborations it can be rewarding to all parties, if not the productivity will most certainly drop.

Is a 4 day week in the future?

It is happening already in the most innovative organisations.

Recruitment – do you find, as a hiring manager that working with an in-house talent team is as effective as working with a specialist finance recruiter, in terms of speed to market, quality and understanding?

Most in-house talent teams are generalists and may not be able to effectively hire key senior executives.

For your next hire, what key attributes will you look for in your agency of choice?

Agents who are willing to conduct genuine candidate research and match client’s requirements with candidate’s skill set plus their aspirations.

Final question, on a more personal note, in one sentence how would your young son best describe you? 

He would probably say what I always tell him, which is “work while I work and play while I play.”

Next month we'll be featuring an interview with another leading Financial Director discussing the benefits of retained search, we look forward to sharing some further industry insight with you. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any current needs within your team, please contact Sarah Clarke: / +44 7889 808 558.

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