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IR35 What you need to know - the complete series


The complete IR35 series - What you need to know

Gain a firm understanding of IR35 solutions, trends and liabilities from a leading industry expert.

As we quickly approach April 2021 and the implementation of new rules around IR35, Orion Group's Ross MacRae has released an informative series of webinars to explain the pending changes and what they could mean for end-users of personal service companies.

Ross will explain what the proposed changes will mean for both companies and contractors and what each must do in order to prepare for the new legislation coming in the new year.

The webinars will give a firm grounding on the history of IR35, its subsequent development and highlight:

Scope determination
Determining ‘self-employed’ status
Impending changes expected to the private sector,
Key issues to consider when it comes to IR35, liabilities for end users and some common approaches
Proposed models of engagement for end users of personal service companies

Webinar 1 - What is IR35?



Webinar 2 - Self-employment status


Webinar 3 - Self-employment status: Part 2



Webinar 4 - Impending changes to the private sector 



Webinar 5 - Key issues to consider when it comes to IR35

Webinar 6 - IR35 6 - Liabilities for end users who use contractor services, and some common approaches


Webinar 7 - IR35 - Models of Engagement for end users of personal service companies


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