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Affan's Story: Life as a Contractor with Orion


I’ve been working as a Quantity Surveyor for the last 9 years now, ever since I left university. I’m currently living in the beautiful country of Papua New Guinea, where I’ve been working for the last three years. At the moment I’m based right in the heart of the jungle and I love it out here. The lifestyle is so unusual; there aren’t many places in the world where you can feel like a real explorer.  Nearly 85% of the main island is carpeted with tropical rain forest and has bountiful natural resources. Being in the rainforest the temperature is pretty hot and humid, however as we’re camped 6,000ft above sea level it can get quite chilly at night and in the early morning sometimes.

I’ve been working on this LNG Exxon Mobile project since late 2010 (as a contractor with Orion Group) and it will be finishing early in the New Year. Previously I was working with CB&I Lummus and Toyo Engineering for a number of years – I was contracted with Orion then too. I’ve loved the team that I’ve been working with; we’ve got team members from all over the world, with over 20 different nationalities in the camp on last count.  

When I first heard the role of Quantity Surveyor as a young man I didn’t know what it meant but as I started to research I realised more and more that it was perfect for me. It would give me freedom, variety and the ability to move around the world - and the requirements all played to my strengths.

The main project we’re working on is building a new full time camp for our LNG project here - so we’ve been living in a temporary camp but it still has all the mod cons, a gym, a great canteen and access to computers and computer games. My normal day in the jungle involves an early start of 6am, with a weekly meeting and then I’ll either be based in the office working from the computer or up and out on the site. I’m working 6 weeks on and 3 weeks off which means that I really get to focus on my work and then enjoy time back in Indonesia with my wife and family.

I’ve been working with Orion as a contractor for 7 years now and I can honestly say they’ve been great to me, I know that they can offer me the best roles and that they will always provide assistance to me when I need it. I had a problem with accommodation when I was in Australia which they sorted out for me and then afterwards helped me to get my possessions shipped back to Indonesia. I’m looking forward to working with them on projects in the future too - I will stay with them as, unlike a lot of agencies I’ve dealt with, they are proactive and pay attention to every employee. I’m hoping for my next role to be in a city - I’m excited to be in a more urban environment but the jungle has really been an incredible experience.

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thank God you that you were given the opportunity for to display your ingenuity. I am also looking hopefully forward to such opportunity. your employer knows her onion and you are part of the success story. Bravo!
Nnamdi Sam, 08 January 2014
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