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First hand reviews from clients and candidates in the Life Sciences industry

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"After relocating to the UK; meeting Orion Group to work as a Receiving Associate (Quality Assurance) with a life sciences company was a fulfilling 5 months, I received great professional support, and Orion were always eager to address my personal needs. This exposure to such a globally renowned company in the Healthcare industry and has opened more opportunities for me.”

Receiving Inspection Associate with multinational medical devices client

“As a contractor, I had a very fixed opinion on what to expect from my agency which was born out of experience in over twenty plus years of dealing with a dozen or so well-known names in the contracting sector but my expectations have now changed after having spent a year on contract with Orion. ‘My expectations of contracting has been improved by Orion’

They are friendly and professional, and connect with you as an individual and deliver a first-class experience to their contractors. Now I know that sounds flowery and straight out a LinkedIn advert but it’s an actual fact. You deal with the same people week in week out, not someone from a call centre or a central office, so they know you and remember your name and where you’re working and what you do without asking for your details or contractor number.

Don’t get me wrong there were small issues but the speed and diligence in how they were resolved are what separate Orion from the other agencies I’ve worked with

So if you’re new to contracting, Go work for Orion, learn how it should be done if you’ve been at it a while and your old and grumpy like me go work for Orion it’s like an extra pair of hands when your managing your customers”

QMS Project Manager with multinational life sciences client


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