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Industry Overview: Water Utilities


Industry Sector Overview: Water Utilities 

The water and sanitation industry has come a long way over the past 60 years. Every day, over 50 million household and non-household consumers in England and Wales receive good quality water, sanitation and drainage services.

Since the water and sewerage industry was privatised in 1989 more than £108 billion has been invested by companies in order to maintain and improve water services in the UK. There are currently 38 privately-owned companies in England and Wales who ensure that tap water is of a high standard and cleanliness of our rivers and lakes is maintained.

So what is it like to work in the Water Utilities Industry? 

The utilities industry is a big player and employs around 530,000 people in total, almost 2% of the UK workforce.

The sector is regulated by organisations such as Ofgem and Ofwat to ensure that consumers receive high standards of service at a fair price. This regulation creates a fast pace of work, as companies are continuously responding to regulatory changes.

The type of work is varied and water-related projects can range from water supply, treatment and storage to water resources management and coastal restoration, and from design and construction of hydropower and renewable energy facilities to full environmental support. Engineers in commercial or construction-related roles can expect a great deal of travel.

However, there are jobs that require less travel, for example asset engineering (designing or maintaining equipment). Big infrastructure projects can run for years while short business improvement projects may be turned around in a month.

Expect to work closely with engineers from different disciplines and with legal, property, finance, environmental, communications and PR experts.

We are currently recruiting for professionals with utilities experience to work on some of the world’s most significant water and natural resources projects.

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