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GDPR Readiness – What we are doing


The General Data Protection Regulation is the biggest change to data protection law in twenty years.  Orion understands the need for privacy and we are imbedding data protection in to our organisational culture. 

As a company, Orion is aware of our data control and processing obligations along with the rights of individuals whose data we process.  Our GDPR project team are actively ensuring that all activities, processes and policies are in full compliance with the legislation and we will monitor adherence through a range of mechanisms.

 One of our early and major undertakings is to contact all personnel who have registered with us for work finding services.  We are doing this through an email overview that links to a secure site where consent for processing data can be provided.  Our records are then updated to reflect the wishes of the individuals that we have contacted.  The mail is sent from an Orion Group email address:

 Orion do not sell or transfer your information to third parties without your permission and only then when there is a legitimate reason or legal obligation such as for pension contributions or the provision of medical care.

 If you are contacted by Orion Group, we will make it clear who we are and why we are contacting you.  Your personal data is very important to us and we treat it with the upmost care and respect.

 Our Privacy Policy can be found here. Privacy policy/statement

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