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Oil and Gas Jobs in United Arab Emirates

The U.A.E. is home to the seventh largest oil reserves and is the major contributor to the country’s GDP. Comprising of different states including Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the country has sizeable wealth and is an economically prosperous place to live. The oil and gas industry is growing at a considerable rate across its various regions and, as a consequence, there are many job opportunities available. Due to the emphasis on oil, pipeline project engineers are often highly sought after. However, there are roles for system administrators, team leaders, equipment engineers, field development engineers, project managers and in logistics-based jobs. The size of the U.A.E.’s oil and gas sector means that there is a wide variety of vacancies – if you don’t see a job ideal for you, contact us and we will discuss your requirements and let you know when something is available. We work with some of the largest oil and gas companies in the world so are well-situated to source the most sought-after jobs. Previous experience in the industry, whether in the Middle East or not, is highly desirable, whilst related qualifications are essential as vacancies are often very competitive.

Appreciation of the differences between working in the West and working in the U.A.E. will put you in good stead in terms of settling in, although we have two dedicated offices in Dubai so are always on hand to provide assistance.

If the prospect of working in the Middle East appeals to you, you can view the current job vacancies here.

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