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Oil and Gas Jobs in Dubai

One of the most prominent states in the U.A.E., Dubai is a multicultural hub for the main industry of this Middle Eastern country – oil and gas. The ultra-modern city has been transformed since the discovery of oil in the 1960s. It has the largest population in the country, despite not being the capital city. It is largely made up of expatriates from South Asian locations although just under 10% are from the West. Those looking to relocate there will find a thriving economy with some of the largest shopping centres in the world alongside incredible feats of architecture. Expats are extremely well-catered for and we have an office located in Dubai to provide you with support for when you first move. It also means we can work directly with oil and gas companies in the region so we can source the most attractive jobs on the market.

Working here gives you the chance of moving across the Middle East to different countries – a particular benefit for contractor workers. There are always plenty of jobs available – this is also true for permanent candidates. In the past few years, a tens of billions of dollars has been invested into the U.A.E.’s oil and gas sector, helping the country to become the third largest exporter of oil in the world.

If you’d like the chance to move to this fast moving, ever-growing metropolis – working for some of the most influential oil and gas companies globally, then you can take a look at the roles that we currently have on offer here.

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