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Oil and Gas Jobs in Canada

Are you looking for a job in Canada? As one of the world’s largest oil and gas reserves, there are plenty of opportunities here. Shale gas projects are expanding exponentially and there are a number of placements available in both permanent and contract based roles. Jobs in engineering, project management, construction planning, site planning, equipment maintenance and cost estimation are all available, though there are more added as and when the vacancies arise. Having experience in the relevant sector you are interested in is typically required and holding additional industry specific qualifications is advantageous. However, experience relative to the seniority of the role is essential, regardless of whether it is specific to the exact role you wish to apply for. Knowledge of software, platforms and qualifications required include ISO 9001, OIMS, CIMS, Primavera P6 and the EPCM project information lifecycle although most of these are specific to the particular job – please view the detailed job descriptions and requirements to learn what is necessary.

By working in Canada, you could be involved in some very exciting projects. One such is working with Chevron – one of the most influential energy companies worldwide. They are currently sourcing and exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) in British Columbia and are seeking to expand their project as LNG becomes a key source of energy.

If you think working in Canada in the oil and gas industry is right for you, please click here to look at the current vacancies offered. If you don’t see anything that perfectly matches your needs, you can upload your CV or contact one of our dedicated recruitment consultants and we will be happy to find out your precise requirements. We can then notify you when an ideal job becomes available and assist you in your next career step.

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