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Oil and Gas Jobs in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the great areas of potential in the oil and gas sector. With its border in the Caspian Sea, which remains mostly untapped, it is ideally placed for the growth. The Sha Deniz field is among the largest natural gas fields in the world and wasn’t discovered until 1999, making it one of the largest discoveries in the last 20 years. The opportunities available are varied including construction, maintenance, management, logistics, operations, engineering, QC and technician-based roles, some of which are located in the Capital Baku City. There are both contract and permanent jobs on offer at a variety of levels.

Gas export potential is expected to reach 40-50 billion cubic meters by 2025 so there is long term investment taking place there. The country’s state oil company (SOCAR) exported 6.4% more oil from its Supsa port compared to last year – an example of the ongoing investment positively affecting the Azerbaijani oil economy. This makes permanent roles an ideal career, although there are no shortage of contract-based jobs. Lateral movement across the Caspian area is very much possible – working in Kazakhstan or moving to Russia are typical career moves in this region. The GDP is expected to continue growing solidly in this country making it a clear and sensible choice to look into within your career.

To learn more about the opportunities that are available at the moment take a look here.

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