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Engineering Jobs in Houston

Houston is at the heart of many American industries, including IT as well as Oil and Gas. The prominence of skilled labour industries in this location means that those based the engineering sector are highly sought after. Working as an engineer here provides access to a multitude of disciplines, such as electrical, control systems, geological, chemical, compliance, design, drilling, health and safety and research and development. Those looking to join the industry will be expected to have the relevant qualifications and experience for their chosen role. A degree in engineering is almost always necessary and experience in the same or similar area you are applying for is highly preferable. For large-scale projects, the abilities to work well in a team and communicate are very important. For more senior-based roles, you may be expected to mentor a junior engineer although this is not common. Each individual job description will provide a more detailed insight into the skills required.

Typical vacancies in engineering in Houston at the moment include lab technicians, project analysts and planning engineers. However, many jobs are frequently made available so please feel free to talk to one of our consultants and tell them your specific needs. Then, we can advise you when the perfect opportunity comes up and aid your application process.

With our Houston-based office, we’re ideally-placed to support you in your search for a perfect role. We have a centrally-placed office in the area so are on hand to assist you when required. If you’d like to learn more about the roles we currently have on offer please take a look below.

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