​I initially focused on contract recruitment within oil & gas and offshore wind. I was fortunate enough to be heavily involved with resourcing for the Greater Gabbard offshore wind project from the day I started my recruitment career in 2010. Over a 9 year period I have supported many clients with scaling up their engineering operations on numerous multi billion dollar projects.

I am a strong believer that the oil and gas & nuclear sectors have a huge role to play within the context of energy transition. Oil & gas has been the backbone of driving industrial growth around the world for decades, providing a stable and reliable source. I believe it has an important role to play whilst renewable technologies scale up. Investment in R&D by oil and gas companies in recent years has lead to massive advancements in cleaner technologies, such as carbon capture and storage and hydrogen production.

My approach centers around understanding the unique needs and goals of each client. Building a client-centric strategy ensures that our solutions are tailored to meet their specific requirements.