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Orion Group brands

​​Orion’s Employer of Record (EOR) service is a strategic solution that enables your organisation to tap into global talent, navigate complex international labour laws, and streamline workforce management with ease.

At Orion Group we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with global expansion. Our EOR services offer a comprehensive, hassle-free approach to workforce management, ensuring your business thrives in the global marketplace.


Orion EOR

​Metrum provides a complete measurement solution and look to fulfil all our client resource needs

Metrum has a multitude of operational experience gained in the fields of engineering, third-party audit, supervision, project management, field operations, training, measurement reporting and system design.Our solutions include cost-effective, fully-compliant and fit-for-purpose metering services



Orion Materials Management provides consultancy services to improve and optimise materials operations.


  • Provision of turnkey fully managed materials management service

  • Auditing materials management processes

  • Industry expert consultants and coaches

  • Inventory Optimisation

  • Competency assessments, training and development

  • Functional warehouse design

  • Value stream and end to end process mapping


Orion Materials Management

The Partner Plus recruitment model sits in-between the standardised contingent offering and traditional retained search.

Partner Plus operates within the Global Filtration and Nonwoven industries

The service offers;

100% Job fill ratio
Failsafe Fee structure, all guaranteed 
Market Intelligence 
Salary Benchmarking
Focus on Cultural and Organisation Fit
Passive talent pool Management 
Faster time to hire



​This fully customisable and flexible platform is already revolutionising project management and delivery for many of our key clients, providing significant cost and time efficiencies.

Orbit offers the latest in Commissioning software and is a structured control tool with three primary functions:

  • An electronic warehouse for the storage of data.

  • A system for monitoring task accomplishment.

  • A means of reporting the completion status of an item, system, plant and ultimately the project.



​Orbit completions and commissioning management system software application - developed in conjunction with our in house specialist completion and commissioning arm, OCCMS.

  • Full Paperless Completions

  • Advanced Work Packaging

  • Latest API interfacing

  • Competence based Access

  • Equipment Preservation



​Orion’s Integrated Service Provision is a flexible recruitment outsourcing programme that delivers a tailored and cost-effective resourcing capability.

With a variety of models, vendor management systems and processes, Orion can deliver a bespoke offering that will align with your preferred working practices. By working closely with you, Orion ISP is in a unique position to help your business maximise the economies of scale efficiencies secured from introducing our ISP along with service delivery improvements.


Orion ISP

​Our Orion Professional Services is all about partnering with our clients to find the best delivery solutions for their business transformation and change requirements.

Our approach to delivery is honest and transparent, ensuring our clients have full visibility every step of the way. This allows our clients to make informed decisions throughout their change processes and feel a major participant in the journey.