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​Orion Safety Award 2023: A Triumph of Safety and Excellence

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Meet the recipients of the 2023 Orion Safety Award: Kevin Wood, Alex Cameron, and Antonio Gonzalez. These remarkable individuals stand united in their unwavering commitment to on-site safety, earning recognition for their exceptional contributions throughout the project lifecycle.

What set their winning bid apart was a continuous dedication to prioritizing safety. From project design to planning, local content resourcing, and the secure delivery of Interim Warehouse & Storage Operations, their collaborative efforts with in-country service providers left an indelible mark.

Addressing the initial challenge, the team supported local service provisions through meticulous design planning and oversight during refurbishment and construction. Phases 2 and 3 involved the refurbishment of existing facilities and the construction of additional warehouses. Throughout, the team ensured strict adherence to HSE procedures and life-saving rules, guaranteeing the safety of all personnel.

Overcoming challenges was possible through robust on-site induction, safety awareness, comprehensive HSE procedures, risk assessments, and the implementation of safe systems of work. The positive outcomes were not only the timely completion of project deliverables but also the absence of any safety incidents among personnel.

BMS Director Andy Christie commented: "Choosing the winner was a tough decision, but this team stood out for their continuous focus on safety. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, they embodied the values we hold dear at Orion. Their commitment to HSE procedures and life-saving rules provide an excellent example for the industry."

Orion Materials Management: Transforming Excellence Since 2022

Within Orion, the Materials Management division has emerged as a specialised force since its establishment in 2022. Operating across the US, Angola, Mauritania, Egypt, and Germany, the team supports O&G Operators, excelling in developing and embedding Materials Management Common Practices.

Key Achievements:

Conceptualised an integrated supply base, warehousing & storage design enhancing safety and efficiency.

Established a fully self-sufficient and Net Zero supply base, warehousing, and storage facility.

Optimised procurement backlog, reducing open invoice exposure by over $20 million.

Instituted sustainable processes for high procurement health standards.

Achieved efficient turnaround and processing time of invoices.

Conducted Critical Spare Parts Reviews and Inventory Optimisation, preventing an unplanned production shutdown and saving $2.5 million.

Rolled out functional Materials Management Processes, clearing 75% of procurement backlog.

Delivered the Materials Management Transformation Charter, covering 25+ key PSCM processes and 400+ actions.

Improved KPI metrics to best-in-class standards.

In its short existence, Orion Materials Management has not only saved clients millions but has also earned a reputation for excellence, winning projects through word of mouth. This dynamic team continues to redefine industry standards and showcase the power of effective materials management.

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