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​Meet Amir Rasool, head of Orion’s new Technology division

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Amir Rasool has always been obsessed with tech. After completing his law degree, a conversation with a recruitment company opened his eyes to the world of IT recruitment and helped him realise he could turn his passion into his career. Twenty-seven years later, with a tonne of tech recruitment experience behind him, Amir has joined Orion Group to lead our new Technology division. He – and the team he’s busy building – will bring their knowledge of the global IT landscape to Orion clients old and new.

Technology recruitment is more than a job for Amir

For Amir, the secret ingredient for doing his job well is his innate personal interest in the subject matter. His love for technology drives him to keep up-to-date with developments, which he does by speaking to clients and candidates, and reading widely.

The fact he’s always learning is one of the things Amir enjoys most about his career. Working with a huge variety of clients over the years - including giants such as Shell and the Bank of England - has given him a bird's eye view of how tech is applied across industries and countries. “Technology recruitment is very fast-moving,” Amir says. “You’re learning a lot. It’s never a dull day.”

Amir also appreciates that technology is an expanding sector, saying, “Every company is a technology company these days, no matter what they do, or what the product is.”

What’s big right now in tech?

For the past seven years, data science and AI have fore-fronted the majority of Amir’s work. Machine learning was a regular part of his vocabulary before most people understood what it was. When asked what the next big tech topic is going to be, he answers immediately: quantum computing. “Quantum computing combined with artificial intelligence will change the way the world operates. It’s going to be a seismic shift,” he says.

The ideal fit

With Amir at the helm, Orion’s new division, Orion Technology, will provide clients – existing and new – with a specialist approach to IT recruitment. His expertise will complement the 360-degree managed service provider (MSP) offer that Orion is already known for.

We can do everything for clients,” says Amir. “From onboarding to compliance to the legal stuff…we can deal with any vacancies that come their way. We're a one-stop shop. When we put a candidate in front of them, everything's taken care of. All the client needs to do is find out whether it's the right candidate for them.”

Amir aims to fuse Orion’s 37-year history with the fast-paced trends of the technology industry. “This new tech division will have a startup culture, but within a very established business. That's very exciting,” he explains.

Big opportunities for tech candidates - and tech recruiters

Amir is pleased to have the opportunity to expand his candidate network via Orion’s already established global presence. “I've recruited throughout Europe, the States and the UK over the last 27 years,” says Amir. “I'll be using Orion’s network to help build up my candidate database in new countries.

Amir discloses that the candidates he typically recruits for clients are specialists in topics such as software development, engineering, data science, analytics, cloud computing and cybersecurity – with experience varying from client to client, role to role.

But as well as opening up opportunities for these technology professionals, Amir is on his own recruitment journey: he is busy finding recruiters who can help him achieve his big plans for Orion Technology.

We're going to be building teams: we’ll land and expand in the UK. And wherever Orion has offices around the world, we can go there. We're going to grow the Technology division everywhere. The opportunity for career development is fantastic.”

Watch this space for new developments on the IT recruitment front. If you’d like to know more about how our tech recruitment services can help your business, please get in touch with Amir Rasool.