Internet And Social Media Use

Internet and Social Media Use For Jobseekers

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​The latest statistics show that eight out of ten people in the UK use the internet on a daily basis, with half of those being active Social Media users.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that it is now common practice for prospective employers to use social media as an integral part of their online recruitment strategy. Whether this be the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter it gives the employer maximum coverage, whilst engaging with candidates at an early stage in the recruitment process.

If you do have an active public profile, it is hugely important that the image you portray on these sites is a professional one and that you keep your pages for interacting with family/friends as private.

Useful Social Media Tips

●      Research your competition – What do you like/not like about others who have similar skills/experience to yourself?

●      Adapt accordingly – On professional business sites, use the appropriate language and as a rule, only post what you would be happy for your employers to see.

●      Face to the name – Post a good quality picture to your page that is appropriate to the audience you are targeting. Keep it professional for business sites.

●      Fresh and Alive – Ensure that your page remains active and engaging; update regularly to show you are still there and add any new news or achievements as appropriate.