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How To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

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Never underestimate the power of your LinkedIn profile in helping you stand out to recruiters. Here’s what you need to do:

✔️ Creative, clear and to the point: have a well-crafted headline that doesn’t just list your job title, but your specific skill set, e.g. coding languages or project experience.

✔️ Use the summary tool to advertise your services.

✔️ Provide detailed descriptions of your work experience using industry-relevant keywords

✔️ Expand your network. What’s the use of an excellent profile if there’s no one to view it? Get connected.

✔️ Grow recommendations. You’ll build trust with potential clients quicker with thoughtful endorsements from previous collaborators.

✔️ Engage: share, comment and participate in discussions to showcase your industry knowledge. This will help to instil confidence in your abilities.