What It’s Like To Live And Work In…Qatar

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​It’s not just the glorious sunshine that makes Qatar one of the top ten places for expats to live and work globally. Made up of 100+ nationalities, Qatar is a multicultural hotspot that’s got a lot to offer. Let’s explore the reasons why.

●      Booming economy. Since hosting the 2022 Football World Cup, Qatar’s economy has experienced promising growth, which has translated to greater job opportunities in finance, healthcare, construction, and more.

●      High quality of life. With a low cost of living, premium healthcare and high safety levels, Qatar ranks very high on the Quality of Life index.

●      Say hello to pleasant winters. Beach picnic in November anyone?

●      Making friends is easy. Coupled with the country’s small population, Qatar’s close-knit expat community will leave you feeling right at home.

●      Never get bored. Despite its small size, this country boasts a vast amount of exciting activities – from water-sports to sand dune off-roading, to nature reserve hikes.

●      Enjoy a tax-free salary. Qatar work visa holders pay little or no income tax. Coupled with high base salaries, that means extra pennies to invest in other activities or family responsibilities.