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​Stay chipper: Pro golfer Grant Forrest offers his advice on navigating your early career

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To have someone in your corner, to have the ball in your court or even to knock it out of the park. The business world often looks to sports for pertinent analogies. And when we caught up with pro golfer Grant Forrest - an official Orion ambassador - we were struck by the parallels between his experiences and those of professionals in their early careers.

Here's what we learnt from our conversation with Grant: his insight could benefit anyone navigating the first ten years of their career.

Keep track of your progress

It takes years to become an overnight success. Progress takes time - and happens in minuscule increments. For that reason, progress can often feel out of reach.

Grant says: "I often feel like I'm not making progress. But then I look at my results, and there is always an improvement - however small - year on year. Although slow progress is frustrating, I try to remind myself that hard work brings me closer to my goal."

Reminding yourself of your achievements and the progression you've experienced - however small - can help to keep you on the right track as you advance.

Have accountability

It's so easy to take credit for our successes and blame others for our failures. In reality, we are all responsible for our own careers - both the highs and the lows. Having a sense of accountability will only put you in good stead as you progress in your career.

Speaking of his time at university in the States, Grant says: "It was a totally new experience. I had to choose to show up every day - there was nobody to make me do it. Choosing to show up is still something I have to do every day. I've learnt that nobody is going to clean up my mistakes - it's on me."

Being accountable for your own success will only help you reach your goals faster.

Learn to trust

While accountability is important, that's not to say that you can be all things to all people. No one person can do all things perfectly. That's why being able to trust others is a trait that everyone in the early stages of their careers should seek to develop.

Grant says: "Let people do what they do best. As a professional golfer, I have a team of experts around me. We have mutual respect and trust, and that's what helps us to improve."

While it's easy to try to take on every task early in your career, knowing how to delegate and work as part of a strong team is crucial to success.

Be open to new ideas

If you've been in your career for at least five years, you're no longer a bright young thing. Whereas previously your new approach might have impressed, now you probably have a reasonably unwavering idea of 'how things should be.'

Grant advises not to fall into that trap: "There are always new techniques, new approaches. Being open to new ideas helps to keep my play fresh. If I don't adapt, I'll just get left behind."

Be open to new ideas, but temper overoptimism - you have the experience to understand how to make new ideas work in practice.

Don't lose sight of what's important

Touchingly, Grant explains: "Ultimately, without my family and friends, I wouldn't be where I am today. And without them, what would be the point of anything?"

Being true to yourself and the motivations behind your career progression can help to keep you grounded - and a stable foundation is key to success.

Final thoughts and next steps

Many thanks to Grant Forrest for sharing his experiences. Learn more about Orion's partnership with Grant.

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