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Orion Group win second International Safety Award


The Chair of the Trustees and the Chief Executive of British Safety Council congratulated Orion Group on winning their second International Safety Award in 2012. This prestigious award, which has been in existence for over fifty years, is given to organisations in recognition of their proven commitment to workplace health and safety.

The 347 organisations who won the award with merit are of all sizes, span all sectors and come from the United Kingdom, Far East, India Middle East, USA and across the globe.

Alex Botha, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, congratulating the award winners said, “We send our warmest congratulations to the 348 organisations who won the award with merit. Over the last year I have had the opportunity to meet with the managers and employees of many of the winning organisations and have been struck by the commitment and dedication they have shown to managing health safety in a proportionate, sensible and effective manner.

“What the winners have demonstrated is that well-managed health and safety ensures the safety and wellbeing of their employees, contributes to business effectiveness and success. The health and safety of employees is non-negotiable and the winners have shown their determination, like us, to ensure that no one is killed, injured or made ill by work activities.

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