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Online Tests - Know the Score

It is becoming increasing popular for employers to ask potential candidates to complete online tests as part of their recruitment process. For some, this online world of testing is completely new. Read how you can avoid the 5 biggest mistakes when going through this process.

Skim Reading

This is an obvious one but possibly the most common. In the panic of completing the test many jobseekers skim the online recruitment test quickly instead of taking the time to read through the questions slowly and digest all of the information, therefore, making avoidable mistakes. If it helps to slow down your reading pace try reading the words on screen out loud. Another way to avoid misreading information is to write down each question on a notepad to make sure the meaning is understood.

Careless Spelling

Some jobseekers don’t spend enough time thoroughly checking the correct spelling of the words typed into their online tests. This is a huge mistake as any potential employer will think the applicant doesn’t pay attention to details. Ensure that you read through your answers carefully, paying close attention to every word.

Grammatical Errors

When recruitment tests require typed responses, some jobseekers are so concerned by the content of their answers that they forget to follow the correct rules of grammar. This can be a disaster as with such strong competition employers are looking for reasons to filter out applicants. To avoid grammatical errors, write in straightforward sentences that aren’t too long or overcomplicated. Reread each sentence after typing it. Look specifically for missing punctuation, sentence fragments, capitalisation errors, sentence run-ons, or wordy sentences that could be interpreted in different ways.

Letting nerves take over

Online tests can be of the test. You should visualise performing well on the test, and think positively throughout nerve-wracking. It is completely understandable that many jobseekers feel nervous before they begin the test putting stress on themselves to do well and get through to the next stage. Sometimes, when nerves take over, it’s hard to answer the questions to the best of your abilities. In a stressful situation, the answers you choose may not be the answers you would have chosen if you were relaxed and clear-headed. While it may seem impossible to stay calm, find a way to gain control so that nerves don’t affect the outcome. Deep breathing will also massively help to calm nerves. Try to read each question in depth, which will take your mind off the anxiety and keep you focused.

Be Yourself

Another common mistake is to worry more about what the employer wants to hear or what the right answer is instead of concentrating on gut instinct. Some jobseekers doubt themselves and believe their own answers are wrong or not good enough. Then, they start thinking about what answers employers would perceive as correct. This leads to not answering a question honestly, which is perhaps the most important thing you should do. After all if you answer honestly and you don’t get the job, then the company or position wasn’t right for you. There is nothing worse than getting a job for the wrong reasons, so be yourself.

Hopefully following these tips will help you avoid the pitfalls of online tests and increase your chances of success in your next job application.

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