Senior Drilling Engineer

Posted 25 May 2022
Contact NameCharlotte Bajorski

Job description

Reporting into Head of Drilling Engineering

* Adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behavior with regard to HSE rules with associated implementation and control within his area of responsibility.
* Participate of the evaluation and clarifications of the Call For Tender exercise and process for the Directional drilling bundle (with MWD/LWD, Downhole tools, Drilling bits) and rank Contractors.
* Control and validate well construction engineering/design performed at pre-project stage.
* Prepare drilling bundle related DRILLEX (CAPEX, OPEX).
* Perform drilling engineering studies and drilling software simulations to ensure wells construction and wells integrity, taking into account complex anti-collision requirements and follow up.
* Assist the Head of drilling engineering for the preparation of the General Drilling Program.
* Participate in the preparation of well's SOR in collaboration with Completion engineering team and GSR team, with special focus on well technical feasibility.
* Perform collaborative work with GSR team to minimize well trajectories complexity while maximizing reservoir requirements ensuring wells productivity.
* Prepare detailed well drilling programs and issue reports and studies on specific well issues (anti-collision simulations, casing running, torque and drag simulations, wells hydraulics, etc.).
* Promote new drilling techniques and equipments.
* Involved in drilling operations (day to day with operational people) and propose improvements.
* Prepare technical input to interactions with authorities and partners.
* Conduct end of activity debriefings and prepare End Of Well Report
* Consolidate lessons learnt in "REX".
* Prepare wells authorization for expenditures in relation with managed contracts.
* Participate to the Drilling Improvement Process system.
* Participate in HSE audits, Incident investigations, SQMs.
* Prepare and present pre-spud meetings with operational team onboard rigs.
* Prepare derogation dossiers.

Context and environment

A Green Field Project, the development is to be carried out in a remote location in UGANDA with particularly sensitive environmental conditions.
A challenging onshore project; also includes an extended interconnecting network with temperature preservation.
Multicultural environment: Contractors are anticipated to be located in various parts of the world. Ugandan rules and regulations, administrative requirements and technical authorizations as well as International codes for onshore plant will apply.


* Management of drill bit and downhole tools contract (4 M$/year)
* Perform detailed engineering of extremely challenging extended reach wells in very unconsolidated formations targeting shallow reservoir with capacity to do so having critical impact on wells delivery (and associated first oil and production delivery).
* Consolidate all 430 wells trajectories on 31 drilling locations taking into account GSR requirements and downhole difficulties (wells anti-collision, gas cap and major faults crossing and avoidance, completion design constraints).
* Deliver engineering studies, wells trajectories and wells architectures allowing delivering wells in time, in budget with expected productivity.
* Improve drilling performances and wells cost through close follow up of operations and integration of operational feedback.

Qualifications/Experience required

* Petroleum Industry MSc (or equivalent professional experience)
* Previous experience in an operational position.
* Driven, good team spirit and communication skills (written and verbal).

Duration & Location
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Commencement date: August 2022
Duration at location: 18 months+
Status: Resident

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