Fluid Cement & Waste Supervisor

Posted 31 May 2022
Contact NameCharlotte Bajorski

Job description

* Supervise all operations related to Cementing Contractor and Drilling Fluids Contractor in the field of operations
* Contribute to the full implementation of TEPU goals and objectives.
* Perform quality assurance of mud and cement systems, stock inventory and consumption and Contractor reporting.
* Assist the Drilling Supervisor to maximize performance.
* Contribute to the optimization and cost reduction of operations while maintaining a high level of safety and preventing any pollution.
* Ensure that Contractor's set commitment, goals, and objectives are fulfilled.
* Assist in the motivation and training of field personnel to meet TEPU desired standards.
* Optimize the management of Fluid and Cement Services in the field. Coordinate actions between the different parties involved in order to ensure that the best procedures are followed.
* Ensure that Company and Contractor HSE standards are respected by the individuals executing the Fluids & Cement contract.
* Ensure that Fluids & Cement programs and procedures are available, understood and agreed by personnel involved.
* Optimize the management of Fluid and Cement Services in the field. Coordinate actions between the different parties involved in order to ensure that the best practices and procedures are followed
* Assist Drilling Supervisor in Safety meeting regarding mud, cement and waste management issues.
* Perform quality assurance (chemicals, equipment, lab, procedures).
* Assist specific critical operations on rig sites when required.
* Follow up all field operations.
* Control logistics and inventory management on wells pad.
* Review and report analyses of any equipment failure or non-conformance services.
* Ensure permanent quality of data reporting (Wellview and others).
* Review and report solids control equipment efficiency.
* Review contractor's design for cementing operations and close supervision at the rig site.
* Presence during Morning call (Drilling report from Rig to Town).
* Advise the Fluids / Cementing Engineer on treatment and direct offshore fluids supervisor for implementation.

Qualifications/Experience required

* MSc (or BSc or equivalent professional experience), Mud and Cementing School
* Good communication skills to improve fluids management and cementing operation on rig locations.
* Very good interpersonal skills and decision making, fluent in English.
* IWCF Level 4
* International and operational experience in fluids & cement (experience in waste management is preferred). International experience preferentially in land operations.
* Experience of supervision for onsite drilling fluids operations, cementing operations, preparation, calculation and planning for casing cement operations and isolation cement plugs is desirable.

Our role in supporting diversity and inclusion
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