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How to manage your career

How to manage your career

The ability to manage your career is especially important today, in an age where you have to be agile to meet the ever changing needs in the business environment. Lifelong jobs are a thing of the past and it’s now time to take responsibility for managing your own career, creating value for yourself and the organizations that you work for.  Having transferrable skills is a fantastic way of retaining value in a challenging job market.

So, how do you manage your own career with confidence? Here are eight ways you can start managing your career today:

Get more involved with your industry

Nothing says dedication to potential employers more than having a voice within your industry.  By joining industry associations or writing a blog about different aspects of your job will demonstrate that that you care about your career and will be a valuable asset to potential employers.


Networking: love it or hate it, should always be considered as time well spent.  Networking events are a fantastic place to open the door to your next big career opportunity.  Making a little extra effort to research attendees before arriving will ensure that you are prepared with talking points and will increase your confidence before walking into the event.

Deliver outstanding performance

Building a reputation as someone who can be relied upon to deliver outstanding performance is a must if you want to progress and reach the top. Be clear about what you are measured on and make sure everything you do contributes to success.

Leave jobs on good terms

It is more common that you think to end up working for someone in the future who you work with today.  Be professional and respectful to your colleagues and always leave on good terms.

Discuss your career with your boss

People are often reluctant to discuss their career with their boss as they worry that their boss might misinterpret this.  The reality is that the best bosses want to surround themselves with people who are motivated and have a desire to progress.
Creating a relationship with your boss that allows you to discuss your career openly will ensure that you are setting goals and staying motivated.

Record your achievements

It is very common to be asked about achievements and successes during interviews with potential employers.  If you record achievements on a weekly or monthly basis you will have a bank of successes available to draw from when faced with this question.  It is also a great motivator and will drive you to achieve more.

Don’t stay in a job too long

There is a fine balance if you want to progress to senior level in your career.  Move too regularly and your loyalty will be questioned.  Stay too long and your ambition and desire will be questioned.  Be aware of industry norms as well and indicators that the time might be right to move such as; the excitement has gone from the job, you are not getting any new experience or the job is too easy.  If you want a career rather than just a series of jobs, you need to take control.

Learn a new skill

Showing that you are proactive by educating yourself on a new or changing business trend is a quality that all employers value.  You can learn about something new that excites you or resurrect an old interest by taking a class online.

If you would like to discuss current opportunities within your industry, contact our team of dedicated recruitment consultants today. You can also view all our current vacancies here.

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