​Location: Houston, TX. I have been working as a Project Coordinator/Technical Recruiter for the past 7 years in the Oil & Gas/Energy industry servicing Third Party Inspections. I managed teams of quality inspectors to ensure materials were delivered as per the client’s Purchase Orders. During this time, I learned about technical sourcing and recruiting of specific individuals to meet each client’s specific needs, and have utilized these skills to obtain success throughout the industry. ​Current specialty: Oil & Gas, Energy sourcing.​The best thing about working in Orion Group: The people and the culture. Personalities are the core of our business, and that is what attracted me to Orion originally. The right personalities are what truly bring value, and set us apart from our competitors. I believe in exceptional service, and honest business. When we focus on that, I feel we have a true recipe for success. ​In my spare time: I enjoy music production and drumming, auto racing, mountain biking, and spending time with my family